Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Booksters Cast Their Votes on Covers...

Are you a member of the Band of Booksters yet?

If so, you get to vote today on new cover choices. If not . . . sign up here, request to be added to our Facebook group so you can chat with this amazing team of book lovers. THEN cast your vote. ;-)

Today's survey is deciding between two new styles for WhiteFire's first series. When Shadowed in Silk first released, thumbnail images weren't quite the King of Sales they are now (or at least, we didn't realize they were). Now that we know how important it is for title and author to be legible in that small size, we're giving the books in the series a facelift.

Remember these award-winning books?

We've come up with two new options for them. The first keeps the same models, but fades their face only into an Indian background.

The second version doesn't use photographs at all, but rather goes with a graphic style that focuses on the title and the color--choosing colors to correlate with the originals.

I won't be posting much more from the Band of Booksters on my blog, but as it's still so new, I want to give you a peek at what sort of thing you can expect, if you haven't signed up already. ;-) And if you have but didn't receive our newsletters last week, then check your spam folders and add us to your approved list! We'd love to have you join us on Facebook, where the discussions are already great.

Already a member, or have just requested to join? Then cast your vote for the covers!


  1. i like them both but, I'm going with option 1 with the faces.

  2. I'm not a member, but I love the first option, especially the third book. Such a beautiful cover!