Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to School Sale!

With this being our first week of homeschool--and the third book in the Shadows Over England Series being due next week--I know I've been neglecting things here on the old blog.

But I've been cooking up a treat, anyway! (No, not brownies. Okay, so we made brownies last Friday. But I'm talking about something for you guys, LOL.)

How about a back to school sale on everything in my shop?!

From now until the day after Labor Day, you can get 25% off your entire purchase using coupon code BACK2SCHOOL.

That means 25% off signed copies of the new book. 25% off the fabulous library card tote bags. 25% off everything. Because fall is for reading. Right? (Of course, so is summer...and spring...and nothing beats a book and a hot cup of something while it's cold outside...)

So hie thee over to and see what must-haves are calling to you. I, meanwhile, will be plowing through the second half of the edits on An Hour Unspent so it's nice and shiny for my editor, and teaching my kiddos all about Elizabethan England.

Happy weekend!


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