Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Special Mother's Day Post

I remember throwing a tantrum when I was about 3, and my mother coming and scooping up my kicking, screaming form from the hallway floor. I remember thinking, "Yes! I got her attention!" And then being depositing on the bed in my room and told not to come out again until I could behave myself. *Fail*

I just wanted my mommy . . . and I got a lesson in life and love.

I remember being sick in school one day and holding it together pretty darn well while I told the teacher I didn't feel well, while I told the nurse. But when she called my mom and handed me the phone, and I heard that most precious voice in the world on the other end saying, "What's wrong, sweetie?" I just burst into tears.

I just wanted my mommy . . . and I knew she'd come the minute I called and make it all better.

I remember in middle school, I had some friends who tended to make irresponsible decisions, let's say, and I took to reminding them of consequences. Of checking on them. I tried not to be nagging, but I also didn't compromise.

I just wanted to be like my mommy . . . full of love, full of teaching, full of Christ. And one of them starting calling me Mommy--not mockingly, but with affection. I was so proud to answer to that.

I remember in high school, there were quite a lot of kids who didn't want their parents going on field/band trips. Me? I loved having one or both of my parents along. Because I knew no one cheered, no one commiserated, no one took better care than my mom and dad.

I just wanted my mommy to be around . . . and she always, always was.

I remember in college, there was a day when a few students in my class got into a comical argument about whose mother was the BEST mother. And I won. Because my mom taught me not only how to care (I'd brought brownies in that day for the class, and they couldn't argue with such an overt proof of taught generosity, LOL), but how to fight for what I believe in. ;-)

I just wanted to live the lessons my mommy taught me.

I remember when my daughter was only a few weeks old and we were still living in Annapolis. It was Thanksgiving, and the roads were icy, so we had to delay coming home by a day. I cried--and I don't cry. Because I was a new mommy myself . . . and I just wanted to be home with my family on that day.

I just wanted my mommy . . . even while I knew I had to protect the life of my new baby and not take undue risks on icy roads.

I remember one day when my son was throwing a temper tantrum on the floor. And I scooped up his kicking-and-screaming form and deposited him in his bed and said, "You can come out when you can behave."

And I thought, I must be doing something right. I'm acting just like my mom.

In many ways, we're so very different. But in the ways that count, I hope I'm just like you, Mom. That I've learned the lessons you've taught by example all my life--to love, to care, to be generous, to always put my family first, below only God. To live my faith and love those put in my life. You taught me how to be a mommy, and a wife, and a friend.

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mother, and to all the mothers in my life.
Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and readers and editors and agents and acquaintances.

And a big thank you to our Lord, who somehow created us so that we can each say, in perfect honesty and certainty, "I have the best mother in the world." But don't get into an argument with me about whose really is--I'll win. ;-)


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