Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thoughtful About . . . Talking and Walking

So wow, it's been a week of political opinions again, hasn't it? Reporting and misreporting, deciding, shouting, threats of protest.

I have sworn years ago that you'd never hear me shouting my political views from my writing platform. And in part it's because I have very little respect for people who make a show of shouting...who may even march in a protest...but who then deem that "enough" for their beloved cause and sit back and take such joy in bemoaning the state of affairs. (And this goes for opinions on both sides of the fence.)

Though I hadn't even realized it, this theme worked its way a bit into A Song Unheard. I have the magnanimous Davies sisters in it, known even today for their generosity. But at the point of the story, it was limited to donating money. During the Great War, however, they decided to put hands and feet to their conviction--they went. They became active in what they were so passionate about. They didn't march in a protest to stop the war--the served the men fighting and dying for them, and then set up an estate to rehabilitate them when they came home.

Do we put that kind of action to the beliefs we shout about?

Today's big thing is the refugee ban. I'll not tell you where I come down. It really doesn't matter. What does matter is this:

If I think we should let them in, if I care about their plight--does that mean I'm willing to take those families food? Give up room to house them? Am I willing to give them jobs? And what's more--if I care about their plight that much, what will I do if my country doesn't let them in? Will I seek them out where they are? Donate to refugee camps if I can't go there? Will I see which camps in Europe are forever short on food and figure out a way to send some?

If I think we shouldn't let them in because of the risks they bring with them--am I making any effort to change that risk? Am I supporting ministries that minister to these people groups? Am I spending time on my knees in prayer for them, that the Spirit will draw on their hearts? If I make my decisions because I fear the terror that might come with them, am I then doing anything to counteract that terror? Am I helping those who are terrorized?

If we're all words and opinions and no actions, what is the point? A literal translation of the Greek of James 2:26 isn't just faith without works is dead. It's actually faith without works is naught. It's nothing. It doesn't exist. Because my friends, faith is not an idea--it's the substance. It's the being. It's the doing.

Whatever our views, I don't think God needs to hear about them on social media. I don't think He wants to see protests marching in support of them. What I believe He wants is for us to work for them. To sacrifice for them.

If we're not willing to give up anything for our stand, have we really stood at all...or have we just made noise?