Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Remember When . . . A Virtual Tour

Today, for a change of pace, I thought I'd take you on a little virtual pre-tour of the sites of my books--particularly the ones I might get to see next month in England. =)

These first ones are places I won't see, but which Brook and Justin, Rowena and Brice certainly did. To start our Ladies of the Manor tour, Brook would have arrived in North Yorkshire by steam train . . .

and then gotten her first view (eventually, not from the train, LOL) of Whitby Abbey.

 Rowena, on the other hand grew up in a castle built out on a Highland loch...

...before moving to the Sussex countryside near Brighton--and also near the white chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters.

Then we move on to the soon to release A Lady Unrivaled--and the places I get to go! For starters, the oh-so-picturesque Cotswolds villages...

I'll be spending a few days near here and am so looking forward to it! This is where A Lady Unrivaled is set almost exclusively, with the exception of two scenes in lovely Paris.

Then we'll move on, as my stories do, to Cornwall. Next summer, you'll meet Rosemary Gresham--thief--and Peter Holstein, who makes his home in the Cornish countryside, where I'll be spending a lovely three days.

At one point in the story they venture to nearby St. Michael's Mount--which is within sight of where we'll be staying!

The climax of A Name Unknown, which I just rewrote, takes place in the Cornish coastal countryside, much like this.

We may also take a day trip (maybe) into Wales to visit Cardiff, where the book I'm currently writing, A Song Unheard, will take place. Perhaps we'll get a peek at Castle Coch (The Red Castle) nearby...

I haven't determined the setting for the final book in the Shadows Over England series...but my plan is to pick a place I've seen and loved during my trip. ;-)

And after I get back, you can rest assured that I'll take you on another tour, using photos I actually took! (Or that my husband did. I'm lousy with a camera.) All these photos were purchased from Shutterstock. ;-)

Now back to the real work I go!


  1. Roseanna, thank you for sharing these photos, they are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the pictures you take while there....what an exciting trip!
    blessings, Tina

  2. Roseanna, these photos are stunning! Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings!

  3. I love this! What a great idea to share the settings of your stories. Puts a "face" on the locations even more. :)

  4. I loooooove England. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!