Monday, April 18, 2016

Gone Writing

The Reluctant Duchess has released.

Galleys of A Lady Unrivaled have been turned back in.

Now it's time to finish up the first draft of The Name Thief, first book in the Society Thieves Series, which is due to my editors June 1.

(This image is just one I created for fun, not an actual image for the book)

So I'm holed up for a few days with nothing but my laptop and my notes, ready to knock out the last 30,000 words of this book. You'll see me again once it's finished. ;-) (And perhaps checking in on Facebook from time to time.)

Until then, don't forget to enter Rowena's Comforts Giveaway!! (And also, note that I added a newsletter signup the right hand margin here on the blog!)

And don't forget that this weekend is the big Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!


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