Monday, November 23, 2015

We're taking the week off for Thanksgiving, 
so I'm also going to take the week off blogging--
and focus on getting back to my St. Nicholas story, 
which will come out next fall
 (I know I'd originally said this fall, but alas. It's not finished, LOL).

I wish everyone a blessed week, full of realizations. 
I pray that we all look on things in new ways this Thanksgiving time,
and that our gratitude is deep, pervasive, 
and for things we cannot touch or hold in our hands,
that we cannot see with our eyes or buy with a credit card. 
I pray that this year, our hearts find the ultimate thankfulness 
for the gifts He gives us that transcend the physical.

Because even when we lose it all, He is still there. 
Still loving us. 
Still giving to us.

Thank you, Lord.


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