Monday, August 31, 2015

Word of the Week - Espresso

It's release week for The Lost Heiress! So in honor of Brook, this week's Word of the Week is one of Brook's favorite things: espresso.

Now, according to, espresso didn't come into the English vernacular until 1945. But the Italians had created caffe espresso in 1906, literally meaning "coffee that is pressed out" under steam. The first espresso machines reportedly produced a strong coffee that critics said tasted burnt, but that didn't stop it from being a hit and soon gaining die-hard fans. Over the next decades smaller and more economical machines were invented, the "burnt" taste was managed, and now espresso is often the only coffee to be had in many parts of Europe.

Brook got a taste for it in Monaco--she loves espresso, or coffee in general if the specialty variety can't be found (so long as it's strong! Must be strong, she says)...but detests tea. Much to the horror of her newly-discovered English relatives. ;-)


  1. I love Brook's love of espresso. In fact, as I set the book aside to catch up on blogging this morning, the beginning of the one chapter had her fetching a cup of espresso after a late night in Town during her debut week!

    1. Now now, when in Town she can't get actual espresso and must settle for very strongly brewed coffee. ;-) (This conversation makes me want some COFFEE!!!!!)