Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Remember When . . . I Got Married?

(This is an updated repost from, gosh, FIVE years ago! Man, time flies!)

Fourteen years ago today, I pledged myself to David. The man I loved since we were 15, the man I knew with all that was in me was The One. Sometimes, I think he's much more than that.

It seemed an appropriate day to muse (not for the first time, I know) on Love--and to share some of the awesome pictures from our gorgeous beach wedding. =)

Through my life, I've known a lot of love.

That feeling that Mom and Dad will always be there, always encourage, always believe in my dreams--even when those dreams defy convention (like when I get engaged at 17 and married just before I turn 19).

I'll always have a place on Daddy's knee.

Mom will always be there carry my burdens with me.

That knowledge that for every storm (like the one that raged up the coast the day before The Day) in life, God sends me a rainbow.

That we have friends and family willing to travel hundreds of miles to share our joy. And that after traveling all day, they'll put more hours into decorating the rental house hosting our big day.

Love is looking into David's eyes and knowing, each and every time, that this is the man God planned for me, and for whom I was planned. Knowing we are perfectly matched, perfectly balanced.

Love is that security that comes with resting my head on his shoulder.

Love is laughing over nothing, rejoicing in each moment.

It's dancing barefoot in the sand when you forget your shoes for your own wedding (ahem, David!;-)

It's standing together, beside all those that matter. It's standing together always, through whatever the years bring you.

These days, love is also cuddling warm little bodies with damp curls pressed against your cheek, it's watching graceful ballerinas beam with pride. It's running "scared" when little "dinosaurs" chase you through the house--and looking over into each other's eyes and thinking, "This is us. These are ours. This is family."

Love is building a life on much more than one day. It's building a life on every day.

Thank you, Lord, for all those you've put in my life. For my family, for my friends. For editors and agents who believe in me. For those who know how to read my heart in the lines that I write.

Thank you most of all for the man who bends over backwards to make my dreams come true--who not only believes in them with me, but who chases them down for me when my legs begin to fail.

David--you're my everything. Here's to way more than 14 years to come!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Blessings on you both!

  2. Awww....Y'all are a lovely couple. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary (again - and this time late lol ). I am sure I saw the last post like this - have I REALLY been your blog flower that long? (and which of these flowers is me? Just curious ;) )