Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Remember When . . . We Used Pinterest?

Are you a Pinterest lover? The craze has spread to all reaches of society, for sure. I tend to use it for very specific purposes that have little to do with recipes or decorating, and today I'm talking about them over on Go Teen Writers.

Link will be live at 6 CST!


  1. Just read the article and I LOVE it! I recently started writing a book and I didn't think about pinning travel methods or things that are important to the characters. Thanks! :) (Also I'm pinning it on my Pinterest account! Haha! ;) )

    1. I saw somewhere-or-another that you had started a book! Yay! (Just so I can design you a cover, right? LOL) Good luck with it!!!!!

  2. I was big into browsing it and getting lost in it for a while. Then i just stopped checking it. I haven't been on there in ages. Crazy! I know it is a fun place. :)