Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remember When . . . We Chose a Hero?

I'm in the first half a new book...which means that as I'm writing, I'm searching for lovely images to pin to my Pinterest board for this story. =) And ohmygoodness, I'm ready to move to the Cotswolds!

I'm so thrilled that I decided to set this book in this gorgeous region of England. =) That last photo there is Temple Guiting Manor, which I'm basing my hero's home, Anlic Manor, on. Isn't it just perfect???

But I'm still trying to nail down a good image for my hero. He has warm brown hair. Green eyes. And bears a resemblance to his cousin, the hero in book 1.

This is the cousin, an actor I realized was perfect for him when I watched the new Chronicles of Narnia movies. And I love that he's now in a new show (The Royals...which I have no interest in watching, LOL), so there are tons of pictures of him as a twentysomething rather than a teen. =)

This is William Moseley as a prince in The Royals
Not a bad look for the Duke of Stafford either. ;-)
Cousin to the hero in The Waiting Lady
So my new hero, Cayton, needs to look sorta-kinda like him, though not too close, of course. And their coloring is different.

Cayton is quite handsome, though at this point in time he's also described as rather surly and grumpy. But that's more a condition of current circumstances that who he is. So who is the Earl of Cayton? Well, he can be absent-minded and has a hidden appreciation for all things artistic, be they his secret hobby of painting or poetry. Though he once loved the social crowd, recent losses have made him think that perhaps the hermit's life is the life for him, so he can avoid hurting anyone else. He was once selfish and happy to choose the easy path...and has learned that the worthwhile things in life are seldom easy.

He has a little girl about 9-months-old and is a doting father--to the point where his cousin accuses him of hiding behind little Addie so he doesn't have to face the world. Cayton wants to do the right thing, wants to make up for his past failings...but fears that he'll just mess things up all the more.

He is in a lot of ways an anti-hero. And I'm looking forward to giving him an anti-romance, where instead of trying to get the girl, he's doing his best to lose her. ;-)

So...I need an actor who captures that look! LOL

At the moment, the best I've found is Henry Cavill:

But I'm open for any other options of handsome chaps who can combine a bit of angst with a hidden artistic side and a history as a heart-breaker. ;-)

Let the suggestions begin and I'll add pictures as they come in!

Suzie J. recommended Josh Duhamel, who's a fabulous contender!


  1. I used Henry Cavill as the image for my hero in True North - so I vote for him. He is simply hero material. ;-)

    1. For Henry Cavill, I mean, of course, in the looks department. He could still be trying to lose the girl. But oh - I just had another thought - Josh Duhamel!

    2. Oh, Josh is a great option too, Suzie, thanks!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Happy to do my part in the great, anti-hero hunt. ;-)

  2. Hmmm... Have you ever seen Jonas Armstrong (he was BBC's Robin Hood, and was recently in the Dovekeepers)? I can see a slight resemblance between him and William Moseley.
    Or maybe Emun Elliot or Matthew McNulty (both on The Paradise)?
    Or of course there's always Stephen Amell... :)

  3. Wow these pics are gorgeous and the men look swoon-worthy! :)

  4. Colin O' Donohue is a real heartbreaker type. Also I agree with Amy on Emun Elliot. Very handsome, and dark. lol

    And William Mosely as a teen is my character Joey Hooper.