Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello, 2015!

Happy New Year!

I'm out of blogging practice, LOL. But my kiddos and I have enjoyed our Christmas break, and now I'm starting to flex my mental gears and get ready to buckle back down to business. School, writing, editing...2015 is bound to be as busy a year as 2014 was!

When I was a kid, this is the day when I'd make resolutions. They were always a combination of my external goals for the year (finish my first book, for instance) and my internal goals (not lose my temper). I took them seriously, and I enjoyed the challenge. Sitting here this morning, I see a list of resolutions that my niece and daughter wrote together, and they so make me smile--they remind me of me! A few of the highlights are "read the Bible every day," "always be cheerful and happy," and "give my true opinion." I remember being her age and agreeing with my friends just because I thought it was what they wanted to hear. I remember deciding at about age 12 that it wasn't worth it, and I needed to just be honest in my opinions.

Ah, life lessons. ;-)

I tend not to make resolutions anymore. But if I were to make one this year...I think it would have something to do with being willing. Being willing to do whatever God calls me to. To give up what I don't need but might want. To toss out whatever gets in the way of my relationship with Him. I'm praying for a word for the year--either a goal or a promise--and listening to hear what He says.

It's going to be a full year. My first book with Bethany House will release in September. WhiteFire will put out 10 books, which will keep me quite busy. I'm teaching a class on the history of the B&O Canal at my homeschool group beginning next month. Rowyn will turn 7. Xoë will turn 10. Next fall we'll be doing 5th and 2nd grades.

The year past has been a busy one. We dealt with Lyme disease. Finished up therapy for the broken arm of the year before. My last book released with Harvest House, I finally wrote and published the sequel to A Stray Drop of Blood. Was blessed with a new contract with Bethany House. I got to attend ACFW as an editor for the first time. I made an effort to cook better meals and not let the house get totally away from often, LOL.

One of most important accomplishments to me, though, was going through a Bible-in-a-year study. I actually did it from July to July, so it spanned the change from 2013-2014, but it was an awesome journey for me, and I'll no doubt do it again soon.

And so, here we are. Farewell, 2014. Hello, 2015. What will you have in store? Some things I can anticipate...and many will no doubt surprise me. But I'm starting this year with the peaceful reminder that if I keep my heart inclined toward Him, He'll guide me exactly where I need to go. It's rarely the easy way. But it's the full way. Filled with His promises, His lessons, His blessings. We don't always recognize them when they come...but we see them looking back.

In the Julian calendar, the new year begins with January, which is named after the god Janus--who had two faces, so he could see both in to the past and the future. We can see clearly only behind us...but how blessed we are to serve the one true God, who holds past, present, and future in His hand--and holds us there too.

Have a blessed New Year's Day, and I'm saying a prayer right now that 2015 is a year full of blessings!


  1. Beautiful, thoughtful post. I especially liked the thoughts of inclining our hearts toward God. I think I'll do that this year. I so NEED HIM! Thank you for sharing, Roseanna.

  2. BTW, congratulations on your book landing with Bethany House! Exciting!