Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thoughtful About . . . My Girl

It's Xoë's birthday. That means cinnamon rolls and homemade macaroni, and a day off school (woo hoo!). It means presents and pink and laughter and fun. And a mommy who solemnly swears to stay off her computer most of the day.

Of course, Xoë isn't up yet, so here I am. ;-)

I had preconceived notions of motherhood--who doesn't? I thought I'd be perfectly patient all the time, nurturing my babies to adulthood with wisdom and boundless love.

I've got the love part. And I sure try to be wise. Patience...well, let's say parenthood has taught me a lot in that department.

And though I have moments of temporary insanity when I walk into the living room and it looks like a toy bomb has exploded, those moments are far, far outweighed by the ones where I draw my kiddos close and think, "Yep, this is it. This is what life is about."

Xoë is my firstborn, and she's such a special little girl. I can't quite believe she's 9 today (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???!!!), but I figure it's a good time to make a list. Nine reasons out of the gazillion that I love my brave little princess.

1. She's always thinking about others. She shares gladly with her brother (most of the time, LOL) and even more gladly with cousins and friends. She'd rather make sure those she loves are happy than herself. I've never met a child more eager to help. (She loved being my helper at book events, like in the photo above.)

2. She's smart. I've yet to introduce a concept in school that she hasn't grasped within a day or two. (Okay, Roman numerals took a few months--but when she got them, she got them with a vengeance! She's now quicker at them than I am!)

3. She's clever. Which is different from smart, LOL. I love hearing the witty things she says, the clever little jokes she'll make. Makes my day every time. =)

4. She believes in celebrating. I'm talking, any occasion she can come up with. We had a First Day of Fall Festival just last month, and she'll make decorations and banners for whichever party she decides to throw in a given week--and this girl plans months in advance. I pray she never loses that heart to rejoice over the little things! It makes life so much brighter. =)

5. She's not afraid to be crazy. Nothing makes me grin more than when she does a silly little walk or dance.

6. She's still a little girl. In a world where kids idolize TV stars and musicians, where I often shake my head at how primary schoolers try to act like 17-year-olds, my little girl is just that. A little girl. I know part of that is likely due to our lovely little homeschooling bubble, but I'll keep it that way for a while longer, thanks. A 9-year-old should be a little girl!

7. She's thoughtful. Just last night when she heard the reports of the terrible events in Canada yesterday, she asked, "What's terrorism?" And then, after I explained it, "But why would anyone do that?" We had a rather lengthy discussion on it all...

8. She's creative. She draws, she writes stories, she designed in Photoshop...yeah, I know. Sounds like me, LOL. But seeing what she creates always leaves me with this big ol' glow of pride...


9. She's not afraid to be herself. Over the years she's ended up among some pretty relentless leaders--her cousin, the neighbor girl, etc. And she rarely insists on being the leader. But she also isn't afraid to say, "No, let's not do that." No matter who she's with, she's Xoë.

And oh, how I love my Xoë. Happy birthday, pumpkin!


  1. Happy birthday!! She sounds awesome! :D

    1. Yep, she sure is. Not that I'm biased, LOL.