Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughtful About . . . Ah, Memories

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One of my grinning-est moments while cleaning out the closets and whatnot at our old house was when I stumbled across a file folder box. It was duct-taped, flimsy, and I had some vague recollection of shoving into it something I wanted to keep. So I opened it up. And I saw this.

 This, my dear friends, is the cover I drew for my first novel, at age 12. Back when The Lost Heiress was Golden Sunset, Silver Tear. And back when I was Roseanna M. Higson, LOL. You know how sometimes you see a baby picture of yourself or you kids and go "Awwwwww!" Yeah. That's what I did here.

But I've always been the type to turn to drawing (or now, digital design) when I don't have the writing groove going on. So this 12-year-old's version of my cover isn't the only I did. over the next couple years, as I rewrote and edited and learned more about drawing, I did these too.

Not all covers, of course, but I loved trying to draw Brook. Who was, at the time Brook Moon. Now she's Brook Eden. But she still has blond curls and green eyes. Though that bead necklace featured in all the above drawings has become one with dangling pearls...

Still. Going through that box was a trip down memory lane. I distinctly remember sitting at my desk in my old bedroom--the one with the peach carpet and the lavender walls--and doing these drawings. I remember holding them up to my mirror to see if they were proportioned right (you can see flaws in the mirror image that you can't detect normally). I remember working so hard on them and knowing they weren't quite it.

Some of the teens on Go Teen Writers frequently share their art on the Facebook group, and I'm usually left in utter awe at their talent. Definitely better than my teen doodling! But I always love seeing them and knowing that, yep, that's what I did too. Not so well, LOL, but still. It gives me a visual documentation of the path the book has taken. I love that. =)

And then, of course, I turned the page and saw this--the title page I created at age 12 too.

It's the first of 388 handwritten (in pencil) pages. *Sniff, sniff.*

Now my first pages are computerized, and I didn't bother designing a title page that would get deleted anyway. Now, my document starts like this.

Far more efficient. And I wouldn't hand-write a book now unless I had absolutely no other choice. But it's not quite as warm and cuddly, and I'm so, so glad I saved that very first draft of my very first book.

Ah, memories.

(And yeah, I kinda combined yesterday's forgotten Remember When with today's Thoughtful Thursday. Because I completely spaced it was Wednesday yesterday until mid-morning, LOL.)


  1. Love these thoughts about the seed that was planted at age twelve and has now flourished to maturity. I'm so glad you kept these treasures to share with us. The part about writing 388 pages in pencil was priceless.

  2. Even at twelve years old you were already a budding artist and writer. That's awesome and an encouragement to other talented young people. Loved reading your thoughts.

  3. So very cool! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. I think this is one of my favourite posts here! I have loads of old stories and the artwork I drew to go with them too. I love looking back at them all now! :)

    Your pictures of Brook look quite a bit like my pictures of some of my heroines. Maybe a mid-teen thing? It's nice to know that I'm not the only budding author and illustrator who did this anyway! :)

  5. Very cool. ^ ^ I used to draw pictures for my old books as a kid. I still do now, but they're far better looking and the stories actually make sense lol. XD

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