Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Remember When . . . The Kids Learned?

It was with great shock that I realized a few days ago that we have only a month of summer break left before school starts up again. I'm not ready to be done with my summer...but I gotta say, I'm looking forward to this next school year. We're studying early American history, and the books are just awesome. When I unpacked the box when they arrived a month ago, I kept going, "Oh, wow! We're reading this? Yay!"

So for my post on Colonial Quills today, I decided to answer that "So what about early American books for kids?" question once and for all. ;-) I've posted our entire reading list, complete with links and pictures.

We're also hoping to visit some east coast landmarks and historic homes, so if you have any favorites do let me know!

Early American Reading for Kids

by Roseanna M. White
I'm a homeschooling mom. That means that, while we're still basking in the joys of summer, I'm also planning out the next school year (less than a month until it begins!). While my family is planning vacations purely for fun, I'm trying to figure out how to turn them into field trips. And I admit it--I'm excited about next year. Why? Because we're starting 2 years of American History. =D


  1. My very favorite time in our history. And George Washington is my favorite founding father. Your kids will love history class. You know why? Because their teacher loves it. (That's the secret to helping a student love a subject. A teacher's love and passion are contagious!) Your kids are blessed because you will teach them cool, little-known facts from your own research that most public school students don't get taught. And the really cool field trip vacations are definitely a plus too. :)

  2. I loved history when I was being homeschooled and I think it's because my parents provided lots of books - novels, biographies and books full of timelines and maps - about history which gripped my imagination. Happy studying with all of those amazing titles!