Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thoughtful About . . . Busy Weeks

Happy May Day!

I remember this week last year. It wasn't meant to be a busy one. But it turned into it. I'd been sick the week before--like, flu. We'd traveled to Annapolis for the weekend and had a lovely time with friends. I was well enough to do that, but still dragging.

Then on the Tuesday, the 30th of April last year, my wine rack came crashing down. I spent most of the day cleaning up broken glass and crystal and mopping up wine. It fell partially into the two trunks the kids kept their toys in. Which necessitated a complete clean-up of those, which turned into reorganization. I'd been meaning to spend the day writing. Instead, I spent it cleaning, which so thoroughly wiped me out by evening that Xoe thought to treat me to a spa day, courtesy of Fancy Nancy. She made me a foot bath, and a face mask from banana and honey.

Apparently I have an allergy to banana when it's applied to my face, LOL. I broke out in hives and felt like I had a serious sunburn all evening. Had to run out for some hydracortizone cream. And I woke up on May 1 thinking, "Well, it can't be as bad as yesterday. The wine rack can't break again."

No, it couldn't. But bones could.

Today marks a year since Xoe ran through the yard, tripped over her too-big shoes, and broke her elbow. Xoe, who usually cries for about two minutes when she gets hurt, wailed for half an hour and showed no signs of stopping, though she wouldn't let me really touch her arm to see what might be wrong. At last, I got her onto my lap, and I could put my hands on her elbows. That would be when we decided a trip to the doctor was in order.

It turned to a trip to the ER, which lasted all evening as they tried to find a pediatric orthopedist to send her to.
Xoe, the day after the break

So many people prayed with us for healing, and receive it she did--the bone healed so perfectly that the doctor said that, looking at the X-rays, he wouldn't have known there had been a break. The soft tissue, however...

She's still in occupational therapy, and she still has a ways to go before she regains full extension. But progress is being made.

And this year, this week is a busy one--planned that way, LOL. Since last Friday when I had the joy of speaking at the Fourth Friday Tea at my local historical society, it's been nonstop. We've had field trips and therapy and well check-ups and book club talks, and today is class day for our homeschool group. And as I'm buzzing from place to place, I keep thinking back to last year.

I keep praying, Thank you, Lord, for planned busyness instead of ER trips and prescription pain relievers, hospital gowns and trips to Baltimore doctors.

This year, I'm within a few scenes of finishing up a book instead of sending a note to my editor saying I'll be out of touch for a few days. This year, we're planning summer camp instead of worrying about surgery. This year, I need an extra cup of coffee because I've been getting up early to write, not because I got no sleep because my little one was hurting.

It's so easy to get overwhelmed in these weeks that are go-go-go. But you know...I'll take it in a heartbeat over those weeks that force normal activities to a halt. And I'll praise the Lord that this May Day, I can just drive along and notice all the flowers in bloom. This year, I can look back and see how brave and strong my little princess was, knowing that today she doesn't have to be. This year, I can just be plain ol' busy.


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