Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Release Day for Circle of Spies!

It's release day! Woot woot!
White’s Culper Ring historical spy series keeps getting better. This installment’s intricate plot, terrific twists and heart-stopping intrigue, as well as the heroine’s deeply moving journey of faith, grace and redemption, create a memorable book to be devoured and cherished.
                                                                    ~ RT Reviews, 4 1/2 Star TOP PICK

To kick things off, today I have an interview up on Ane Mulligan's Southern-Fried Fiction blog! Marietta, my Maryland-born Southern belle, ought to feel right at home. =)

And we're only six days away from the premier of Turn too! Culper Ring fans should definitely tune in. And hopefully Turn fans will also love Ring of Secrets.

If you haven't seen anything about Turn yet, check out the trailer:

And while you're in the mood for trailers, don't forget to watch the one Harvest House created for Circle of Spies!


Now, of course, the really fun stuff. The giveaway! Obviously I have to give away a complete set of signed books. =) But I also thought it would be fun to give away the pearl necklace that is in each of the books. Readers of the series might remember where it got its start...

This one isn't identical--it's on silver instead of gold--but it's the closest I could find. =) So feel free to enter through the Rafflecopter giveaway! If you're only interested in one of the prizes, specify which. If you'd like be entered for both, that's totally cool too. 
3-Pearl Neckalce
similar to the one featured in the Culper Ring Series

The complete, signed Culper Ring Series 

Don't forget that Mother's Day is fast approaching, 
and either of these prizes would make excellent gifts, 
even if you already have some of the books!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would like to win the books please, thank you.


  2. I would Love to win the books...I would also love to know if.you have many male readers and what you think of men reading your books

    1. Hello, Michael! Fabulous question. Yes, I have male readers, and they usually write to thank me for writing stories they can enjoy too, LOL. My books are usually quite heavy on the male point of view (in each book in this series, I have only one female POV but at least 2 males, sometimes 3), and my first reader is always my husband. So if something doesn't sound right, he's quick to say, "Um, no. A guy would never, ever, ever say that." LOL

      I love having guy readers. Most of the ones I've heard from have been on my biblical fiction at this point, which aren't romance as this series is, but one of the first letters I got on the first book in this series was from a gentleman who had read it out loud to his wife. He wrote me to tell me about his family's military heritage and how this book reminded him of it. =)

    2. I started with A stray drop of blood and was so inlove with it that I spent my Xmas break reading all your books on my kindle

    3. Well now, that's what I like to hear, LOL. I have a few reviews (I actually gave up reading my reviews, but before I did I saw a few) from the male perspective that were awesome; I loved seeing some that said guys would enjoy them too. It's something I've always kept in mind while writing.

  3. Well looks like I can't win anyway....hmm should really read terms first

    1. If you're non-U.S., I have a giveaway coming up on Friday that has a digital option!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine winning a whole set of these wonderful books plus the beautiful necklace. Thanks for entering me. Now I'm going to enjoy the videos.

  5. The videos are fantastic. Glad I stopped by.:)