Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remember When . . . We Hit the Turning Point?

Okay, so A Soft Breath of Wind is taking me longer to write than usual. Life right now is just not allowing much writing time. But I'm so, so excited to be at my big middle turning point right now. Might not be quite as interesting to you, who don't know what's going on in the story here (yet, LOL), but it's all that's on my mind, so...

So. For the first half of the book, my main characters are working toward and then in a four-year separation. The guys, Benjamin (the baby in Stray Drop) and Samuel (the slave boy who becomes a son), go off adventuring, one of them to recover from a loss and the other to slake his wanderlust. They're visiting the churches. Main character, female lead Zipporah has always yearned to travel too--but that's denied her. Instead, she get to stay at the villa outside Rome.

As in, at the villa. Within the walls. She's forbidden to leave.

So now, finally, I got to bring my guys home. Which is joyful news...but as they bring with them the other female lead, Dara, who's pitted against Zipporah, it's getting real interesting. And a bit intense. =)

Yes, Roseanna is having fun. I finally get to start diving into the love story I've been itching to tell. I get to start exploring the difference between loving someone despite their faults and loving someone faults and all. And what happens when you marry the wrong person, disobeying what the Lord has told you.

And as a member of a family divided, how do you know what side to take? And how do you knit it back together in the wake of that rift?

In the part I just wrote, the whole church is basically given the same challenge: who do you believe, when two trusted sources tell you something different? When only one can be right and compromise isn't an option?

Have you ever been in a position where family, either blood or church, is divided? Was it what you deemed a big issue, or were you baffled at why it became so important? Looking back, do you think you made the right chance in which side you took?


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