Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember When . . . We Searched?

Occasionally people say to me something along the lines of "I could never write historical fiction. It requires too much research!"

Well, it does, but a lot of it is small. And seemingly random, LOL. I thought it might be fun today to just share some of the crazy-ish Google searches that have come up for me recently as I work on A Soft Breath of Wind. Let's see if you can figure out what's going on in the story. ;-)

  • Latin for no
  • History of rivets
  • Mediterranean sharks
  • Latin for dove
  • Money in the New Testament
  • Ancient Roman names
  • Behind the Name: Hadrian
  • Romans 15
  • "Foot" measurement history
  • Ancient Rome witch
  • Legal age in Ancient Rome
  • How old was John Mark when he wrote the Gospel of Mark?
  • Apostle Paul timeline
  • New Testament marriage customs
  • The armor of God
  • Are there wolves in Italy?
  • Trees native to Rome
  • History of the caesarean section
Just a few. I could spend longer sifting through my search history, but it's taking a surprisingly long time, LOL. So that's it for today. ;-)

What are some random things you've looked up recently?


  1. The etymology of "cool" - I was surprised to read in an 1880's congressional report of an officer's "coolness and intrepidity" when singly confronting a hostile band of Sisseton Sioux. Thus I also discovered a grand word related to temperature from the 1660's - frigorific.

    1. That is so going to make it into my Word of the Week lineup! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I've got a couple of historical ideas, but I've been focusing more on my contemporary stories lately. There's just as much research with those, especially when you aren't in the military and write characters who are. ;) Thankfully, God sent me a Marine to answer my questions. Such a blessing!


  3. Hmm ... all that internet searching looks familiar. Not that I've been looking for similar things. Just that a long string of searches that seems random but are SOMEHOW connected is often found in my history! :)