Monday, August 5, 2013

Word of the Week - Tutu

Edgar Degas - Ballet at the Paris Opéra

I have a little ballerina in my family...and also a Fancy Nancy fan. So when she got her hands on Fancy Nancy: Too Many Tutus, you may be able to imagine the results--she had to go through her entire closet and pick out every dress, shirt, and skirt with a tutu in it, and schedule her entire week's clothing choices accordingly.

It's a funny word though, and one I've often wondered about but never looked up. So here I am, looking it up. =)

Tutu comes from the French word, which is no big surprise, as most ballet terminology does. What I had no clue about is that it's a variation of cucu...which is baby talk! Who knew, right? Cucu is "intantile repetitiveness" of cul, which means "bottom or backside."

And I'm sure my daughter won't give a hoot, LOL. But a bit of fun trivia to begin your week. =)

Xoe (on the right) with her best-ballet-friend


  1. Funny. So it's a tutu to cover your cucu. Probably like our English bumbum. Ha ha.

  2. I'm also a ballerina, but I've never thought about the origins of the word tutu. That's so interesting!

  3. Hmmm....that is an interesting origin. Some words have such a strange background.

  4. Fun and goofy and interesting for sure! :) (And Xoe's adorable)