Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughtful About . . . It's My Party, and I'll Smile if I Want To

I'll be honest--the week turned pretty crappy on me. I had a couple nasty-bad days there.

My first response? Wallow. Only, it's hard to wallow with kids and a hubby who need me on my game, with a gazillion books still needing sent out and edits pending on the WhiteFire book releasing in one short week.

Maybe, were it just me in my cave, I'd wallow. But it's not me--or not the me I can be right now anyway. I know everyone deals with disappointments in their own way. My best friend cries, my sister works out, I know some who opt for retail therapy.

I don't really do any of that. It's hard for me to get outside my head, but my head says I need to stay strong. Handle disappointments with grace. Easy? No. But I say a prayer, suck it up, and...well...get on with it. But it's difficult sometimes. So I try to tweak my mindset. For me, that means getting out of the jammies and ponytail and showing the world I'm okay. I put on my favorite outfit, fix my hair, and even break out the makeup bag. This is a rarity, LOL. And maybe to some, it seems strange to go all-out just to sit at home in front of my computer. But when I look bad, I feel bad. When I take the effort to look better, I start to feel better. Call it vanity--maybe it is. But it's also me taking control of something and making an effort to change my attitude.

Which leads me right into my party. =)

On August 14th, next Wednesday, I'm turning 31. So when a friend of mine from one of my writing groups asked me if I'd host an online Mary Kay party, I thought, "Oh, fun! It'll lead straight into my birthday!!" This was before the week turned sour. ;-) But you know, I think it's just what I need. A reason to look beyond blips on the screen and focus on something else.

I really want to support Terri Harr, one of my most dedicated readers and a friend to boot, as she's launching this new enterprise. And she's even promised a few goodies for giveaways down the line, if the party goes well!

So you are hereby invited to my online Mary Kay party, beginning today and extending through next Wednesday, my birthday. Obviously, I want you to buy lots, 'cause then I get free stuff, LOL. But I also just want to hang out here on the blog, chat about some simple things like mascara and lipstick, and support my friend in the process.

Here's how it works--really simple.

1. Go to and browse through the catalogue.

2. Add whatever you please to your cart.

3. When you check out, put "Roseanna White Hostess" in the memo box

4. Voila! Your order will be sent straight to you!

5. Share with a friend. Cuz, you know, the more the merrier at this party. Since I don't have to clean my house for it or anything. ;-)

My question for you today:

What's your default when you're feeling down?


What item of makeup can you not live without?


  1. I have several different things I do when I'm feeling sad or depressed. I'll read, snuggle with my cat, or watch a TV show. But when it's really bad I play Mark Schultz's Renaissance CD (Amazing CD that's the only instrumental music I like), curl up on my bed, and cry and/or fall asleep.

    I'm really not a make-up girl. My mom sells Mary Kay and my sister used to sell Avon so I have a bunch of stuff, but I never really figured out how to use it and it seems to take way too much time so I just don't bother.

  2. Sadly sometimes I default to chocolate. Not a good choice. I feel much better when I choose running to get my mood changed because I listen to some awesome Christian music that lifts me up.

    I think my mineral powder foundation is something I don't want to be without. I love it much better than any other foundation I ever used. Mary Kay has some wonderful perfumes and bath and body stuff. Everyone loves the Satin Hands set! Great for gifts for new moms, too.

    Thanks, Roseanna for doing this. I hope many people will order so that you can get lots of goodies for free! I will be doing a review on your latest book and novella this weekend! Wonderful!!!!! Keep them coming!!!