Monday, July 29, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 29

Weekend winners are:

Chaplain Debbie and Meghan Gorecki

Wowy zowy, it's hard to believe we only have 2 days left! Which means not a whole lot of time to enter for this truly amazing book of prayers.

And of course, only 2 more drawings for Ring of Secrets! Why? Because then Whispers from the Shadows will officially release!! It's already in stock in all the online retailers, and it should be showing up in your local bookstores any day, if it's not there already. If anyone spots it on a shelf and wants to send me a picture, I'd be so grateful! We have no Christian bookstore in my town, and I never seem to make it an hour away to look in one...

But anyway. On with the day. =)

Word of the Week - Moot

Many, many moons ago I got my hubby a little book called The Highly Selective Dictionary of the
Extraordinarily Literate. Yes. We're just that nerdy. ;-) So naturally, we flipped through it, and one of the first words I read the definition of was a word I thought I knew.

Moot. Now, we hear this all the time, right? It's a moot point. And I always took it mean something rather irrelevant, because it was purely hypothetical at that point.

And sure enough, it has come to mean that--but in fact, that meaning came from law circles. Why? Now that's where it gets interesting.

The primary definition of moot is "debatable, doubtful." Not what we usually think when a point is moot. Because that would imply we should debate it--right? But people today use moot to indicate that something should be dropped because it has already been decided.

But a moot point--an undecided, debatable point--is in fact something pretty entertaining to an academic crowd who just loves a good debate. They can spend hours--days--weeks--years!--talking about the same thing. So after a while, it becomes purely hypothetical.

And to the rest of the world, something hypothetical becomes...well...moot. ;-) Something to be dropped. Something about which debate should stop.

Confession: I've avoided using this word altogether in the last decade, because I didn't want to use it incorrectly and knew my point would be missed if I used it as "debatable." LOL.

My question to you today:

Do you like to debate, or do you shy away from all conflict?

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  1. No, I do not like to debate. It seems to be one opinion against another.

  2. It depends upon who I am debating with. If it's someone who will actually, respectfully, listen to what I have to say, then fine.

  3. It depends on the topic...need to take it one debate at a time. :)

  4. I tend more to shy away from conflict but I will debate things with my siblings-just for fun!

  5. I dont like to debate like that because I was brought up in a family of 11 kids who had huge debates! It was just tooo much.
    God bless you
    Chris Granville

  6. Debating CAN be fun - but most of the time I feel attacked. A personal thing, yanno? Silly that way.

    And I TOTALLY want that book! hehe

  7. I'm not a debate and speech kind of girl.

    It's so hard to believe that this giveaway is almost over! The month has flown by so quickly. What schedule of blogging will you be going back to, Roseanna? Will you be posting every day like now?


    1. Every day is too much to keep up with when I'm writing and homeschooling, so in August I'll be going back to 3x a week, with special features like reviews on a fourth day (Tuesday or Friday). Mondays will still be Word of the Week, then Remember When Wednesdays and Thoughtful Thursday.

    2. Thanks, Roseanna! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog. I visited a few times before this month-long series. During this series, I've enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your writing style which is spunky and fun. I'll definitely keep coming back!

  8. I am not a debater so it's a moot point :) I have a copy of The Valley of Vision. It is the best devotional/prayer book I have ever owned!

  9. I am actually a competitive debater. I love it. But when it comes to personal arguments with friends and family, I usually avoid it. It depends on the subject in question and the other person.

  10. I am not fond of genuine conflict and would rather not need such debates, though I understand talking through conflict is better than complete avoidance. I am fine, however, with the occasional debate on whether men are genetically closer to mud than women and other such completely irrelevant subjects (my husband says nay, but was not man formed out of dust and woman of a rib?). Such debates are less likely to hurt the debaters than when discussing subjects that matter.

  11. I'm a shy person just in general so I definitely shy away from conflict or letting my voice be heard. Only if we're debating about something I'm really passionate about then I might say something but otherwise I tend to stay out of the riff raff.

  12. No, I do not like to debate.I think that is boring.
    But I like to see others dabeted. It is funny..


  13. I like to debate as long as it's with my family or close friends and they know it's all fun and games. I feel awkward when I don't know the person very well.

  14. I would like to meet and talk to Mary, mother of Jesus. Please give me a lucky entry now.
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  15. I do like to debate, if the other person is presenting good reasons for his/her viewpoint. I don't find that to be contentious or abrasive. However, if the other person is just giving emotional objections, then I don't feel comfortable and will just keep quiet. That's when things could turn into a conflict. I don't want to participate in that kind of argument.
    may_dayzee (at) yahoo (dot) com