Wednesday, July 31, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways Wrapup

And we have our final two winners! The winner of the last Ring of Secrets is:

Kathy Walton!

And the winner of the Puritan prayers, Valley of Vision, is...

Emma! (augustlily)

Big congratulations to all our winners of July, and again my biggest, heartiest thanks for joining me for this month of celebration, reflection, and becoming acquainted.

I can't tell you all how awesome it's been to get to know everyone a bit and see such energy and enthusiasm around here. Though I can't promise continual giveaways anymore, I do hope you keep stopping by regularly for conversation. =) After today, I'll be going back to my standard Monday~Wednesday~Thursday routine, with special featured like reviews and interviews appearing occasionally on Tuesdays and Fridays.

And now to sum it all up with what this month was about--join me in officially welcoming into the world, my latest, Whispers from the Shadows, available at all the online retailers now, and should be showing up in stores no later than tomorrow!

I Love Her…Can I Trust Her?
I Love Him…Is He Safe?
1814—England and America are again at war. Sudden and implacable treachery causes Gwyneth Fairchild’s world to crumble in a moment’s time. The daughter of a British general, she barely saves her life by fleeing London aboard a ship bound for America. Her goal is to find refuge with the Lane family in Maryland. Yet after meeting the Lanes’ son, Thaddeus, Gwyn wonders how safe she is. For she discovers that this family trades in a dangerous commodity—espionage.

Thad Lane is a prominent citizen in the city of Baltimore. He has the ear of everyone, and he is in a unique position to pass on to leaders of government exactly what he hears. Not long after the beautiful and British Gwyneth Fairchild finds safe haven in his community, he experiences the tug of love, though he fears it may blur lines of loyalty. With family playing the part of enemies and enemies proving themselves friends, a future with Gwyn is more than uncertain—it could be life threatening.

In the end, with the British advancing relentlessly on Baltimore, Thad and Gwyn have to trust in their shared faith in God to be a shield about them. To give them a future and a hope.
Thanks again!! Oh, and did you notice the new header up there? Here are my daily questions:

Whatcha think of the new look (matches my website) or
Where do you usually shop for books?

We have no Christian bookstore in our town, and only one very small BAM whose Christian Fiction section is miniscule, so I'm afraid most of mine is online. How about you?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ FINAL DAY!

Yesterday's winner is:

Kay Davis Moorhouse

Wow, it's been a whole month. Can you believe it? I'll be doing a wrap-up post tomorrow, announcing the final two winners and sharing my closing thoughts, but on this, the last official day of the giveaways, I just want to say a big...

It's been so wonderful to make some new friends through this month of giveaways and blog posts. I hope to keep you seeing your around ye olde inter-web. ;-)

And while I still have your attention, I figured I'd make an announcement about a decision I've made. Which ties into:

Story Time Tuesday ~ With Me

Last Thursday, I had the amazing honor of Skyping into a book club that was discussing my first published novel, A Stray Drop of Blood. Hearing these ladies talk about the book and ask me questions got me thinking about it again, and the next day a question of theirs kept plaguing me.

Is there a sequel?

Excellent question. Is there one written? Um, no. But there's been one planned for years. In fact, I remember at my very first writers conference in 2007, a presenter asked, "If you only had enough time left to live to write one book, what would it be?"

My silent answer: the sequel to Stray Drop.

And yet I've written a dozen books since then, none of them this sequel. Largely because I couldn't figure out how to start the thing, though I've got copious notes on the storyline, which burst into my head nearly full-grown six years ago.

Now, I have a biblical penciled into the WhiteFire fall schedule for 2014--over a year from now. I was planning on writing Song of Solace for them, about an Egyptian princess who journeys with the son of Melchizedek to Salem, in the days of Abraham. It's going to be an amazing story to work on, I know. But after giving it some thought and prayer and discussing it with David (hubby and publisher at WhiteFire), I think that in fall 2014 we're instead going to release this one:

Set in 58 A.D., just outside of Rome, A Soft Breath of Wind will bring some familiar characters back to the page for those who have read A Stray Drop of Blood--as well as some new ones who take over as main characters. In the first, the blood of Jesus was the pivot of my entire book. In this one, it's the mighty wind of the Spirit that will take center stage.

I've yet to write anything resembling a blurb, but here's my ten-minute toss-together:

 A gift that has branded her for life

Zipporah is thirteen when the Spirit descends upon her, opening her eyes to a world beyond the physical goings-on of the villa outside Rome she has always called home. Within hours, she learns what serving the Lord can cost. Forever scarred after a vicious attack, she knows her call is to use this discernment to protect the Way. She knows she must serve the rest of her life at Tutelos, where the growing Roman church has congregated. She knows her lot is set.

Yet is it so wrong to wish that her master, the kind and handsome young Benjamin Visibullis, will eventually see her as something more than a sister in Christ?

Samuel Asinius, adoptive son of a wealthy Roman, has always called Benjamin brother. After Samuel's wife and child die, he is eager to escape Rome and travel with Ben to visit the brethren in other parts of the world--and to be sure the legal owner of Tutelos comes to no harm before he can marry and produce an heir, ensuring the safety of all the Christians and Jews in Rome.
When their travels take them to Jerusalem for Passover, the last thing he expected was to cross paths with the woman who had sold him into slavery as a child--the mother he had long ago purged from his heart...and the siblings who carry a dark mantel on their shoulders. His sister, Dara, seems determined to learn more about him, going so far as to join them on the return trip to Italy.

But when Dara, a fortune-teller seeking the will of a shadowy master determined to undermine the Way, comes into the path of Zipporah, a whirlwind descends upon Tutelos. Though some would call it jealousy, Zipporah knows the truth of this woman that Benjamin and Samuel have brought among them...and fears it may be the undoing of them all.

Only the soft wind of the Spirit can heal their scars...with a love neither divination nor discernment could foresee.
Yeah, that's gonna have to be streamlined and rewritten before it's back-cover worthy, LOL. But you get the idea. If you look closely at the cover, you can even see the scars on Zipporah's face. I tried to make her nose crooked too, but my Photoshop skills couldn't pull that one off. ;-) The model's a little too pretty, but we'll forgive her. Because, well, she's so pretty!! LOL.

 And though this blurb has no hint of it, the story is set against the New Testament timeline that will climax with the arrival of Paul in Rome--where the Asiniuses and Visibullises will finally get to meet the apostle with whom they're been corresponding. =)

So my last question for you this month!

If you could meet one Bible figure 
(other than Jesus--that's a given!),
who would it be?

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Monday, July 29, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 29

Weekend winners are:

Chaplain Debbie and Meghan Gorecki

Wowy zowy, it's hard to believe we only have 2 days left! Which means not a whole lot of time to enter for this truly amazing book of prayers.

And of course, only 2 more drawings for Ring of Secrets! Why? Because then Whispers from the Shadows will officially release!! It's already in stock in all the online retailers, and it should be showing up in your local bookstores any day, if it's not there already. If anyone spots it on a shelf and wants to send me a picture, I'd be so grateful! We have no Christian bookstore in my town, and I never seem to make it an hour away to look in one...

But anyway. On with the day. =)

Word of the Week - Moot

Many, many moons ago I got my hubby a little book called The Highly Selective Dictionary of the
Extraordinarily Literate. Yes. We're just that nerdy. ;-) So naturally, we flipped through it, and one of the first words I read the definition of was a word I thought I knew.

Moot. Now, we hear this all the time, right? It's a moot point. And I always took it mean something rather irrelevant, because it was purely hypothetical at that point.

And sure enough, it has come to mean that--but in fact, that meaning came from law circles. Why? Now that's where it gets interesting.

The primary definition of moot is "debatable, doubtful." Not what we usually think when a point is moot. Because that would imply we should debate it--right? But people today use moot to indicate that something should be dropped because it has already been decided.

But a moot point--an undecided, debatable point--is in fact something pretty entertaining to an academic crowd who just loves a good debate. They can spend hours--days--weeks--years!--talking about the same thing. So after a while, it becomes purely hypothetical.

And to the rest of the world, something hypothetical becomes...well...moot. ;-) Something to be dropped. Something about which debate should stop.

Confession: I've avoided using this word altogether in the last decade, because I didn't want to use it incorrectly and knew my point would be missed if I used it as "debatable." LOL.

My question to you today:

Do you like to debate, or do you shy away from all conflict?

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 28

There are only 3 days left in the 30 Days of Giveaways! Remember that your bonus prize this week is an engraved copy of The Valley of Vision, a gorgeous and deep collection of Puritan prayers.

Yesterday my church had a community picnic and what we call Saturday Night Alive--a concert series on the last Saturday of each month. We enjoyed the stylings of a local vocalist, and I always so enjoy these concerts. Usually I'm the music at church, so it's always a blessing to get to sit back and listen. =)

So a simple question for you today:

What's your favorite kind of music?

I'm a sucker for the Big Bands of the 20s-40s. When not listening to that, it's usually classical for me. =)

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 27

First, our final winners from last week. The winner of Ring of Secrets (which she already has, I know, so another book...) is

Katie Scheihauer!

And the winner of the silvery plume pen, ink, & paper set is:

Bonnie Roof!

Congrats! And it's our last week in the 30 Days of Giveaways! For these last four days, your bonus prize is something very near and dear to me, especially in conjunction with this series.

The Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan prayers compiled by Arthur Bennett and made up of prayers from many great theologians. I stumbled across this when researching for Ring of Secrets. I wanted my heroine to pray some traditional prayers of the day that would demonstrate her heritage, especially when in opposition to the rabble-rousing British occupants of the City of New York. When I found these, I was moved to the depths of my soul.

I ended up quoting from this book in all three Culper Ring books. Winter in Ring of Secrets has a prayer book handwritten by her father which transcribes these same prayers (or at least the ones that had been written at the time, LOL). She has passed it down to Thad in Whispers from the Shadows. And in Circle of Spies, Thad finally finds someone to pass the original tome to as well.

God of my end,
it is my greatest, noblest pleasure
to be acquainted with thee...

The very first feedback I got on Ring of Secrets was about these prayers. I know they'll touch you as they have me. =) And so, this week's winner will get a leather-bound, gold-edged copy of Valley of Vision with their name (or their choice of name) engraved on the cover.

My question to you today (which I'm posting late):

Describe the Bible you read most often--color, binding, version

Up until recently, I still used the purple Precious Moments NKJV I got when I was 11. ;-)

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Friday, July 26, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 26

It's the last day for this week's prize!! Hurry, enter, enter! Spread the news! Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'll be doing the drawing for this beautiful set!

And the winner of yesterday's Ring of Secrets is:

Mary Preston!

And tomorrow I'm unveiling the final bonus prize. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. =)

Last night I had a fun time with book clubs--two of them! My local book club met and discussed The Sky Beneath My Feet by Lisa Samson (which I reviewed here), and I had the joy of handing out copies of my Whispers from the Shadows, which we'll be discussing in August.

PLUS, I was asked to do a Skype call with a book club in New England, who was discussing A Stray Drop of Blood. I knew it would be fun--but I was totally blown away by the stories these ladies told. When we write books, we hope they'll touch a life or two, entertain some folks, earn us some readers. My deepest prayer has always been that the Lord will use them for His purpose. And last night as these ladies came forward and shared how He had used Abigail's story in their own lives, I was just blown away. Awed. Humbled. Only He could achieve something like that--and oh, what an honor to be one of His tools! I'm probably still glowing. ;-)

Now it's Friday, which means the end of the week, the approach of the day of rest, and a happy sigh for many, many people looking forward to those days off work. ;-) My family belongs to a Baptist church that has chosen to keep the original Sabbath, so Friday evening is for preparation and family time. We listen to an awesome radio show called "Jukebox Friday Night" that plays Big Band music from 6-9. We eat something fun for dinner, we dance in our living room, we laugh a lot, and we make beds on the floor in the living room for the kids--something they look forward to all week. Most of the year we also have a Bible study Friday evenings with a couple families we know through our homeschooling group who have kids about the same ages as ours. Gotta say, even though most of my days are like the others as a stay-at-homer, I still love Fridays. =)

So my question to you today:

Do you have (or have you had) a fun weekly(ish) activity
that you always looked forward to?

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 25

I had so much fun hearing about everyone's wedding dresses yesterday! If anyone missed that conversation but want in on it, I've posted some pictures of the dresses described by readers too. Check it out here.

And of course, we have a new winner of Ring of Secrets -- Deborah Dunson! -- And only two more days to enter for this!

Thoughtful About . . . Names

What is about names that have such power? Ever wonder about that? I sure have--I even wrote a 20-page essay on the subject in college, LOL, based largely on biblical names. So you can bet I put a lot of thought into my kids' names, and that I put thought into each character name too. I could ramble on about that. But today I want to talk about another Name.

Because yesterday this just LEAPT out at me and made me scratch my head:

"Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. Beware of Him and obey His voice; do not provoke Him, for he will not pardon your transgressions; for My name is in Him."
                                                                     ~ Exodus 23:20-21

God's name--now that's a powerful thing! So powerful that it's one of the commandments--"You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain." (Exodus 20:7)

So powerful that it is being itself: "Tell them I AM has sent me to you." (Exodus 3:14)

This is something I know...and yet I don't think I fully understand it. Because we have so many names for God. You can find list upon list of them, entire Wikipedia articles about it. He is so much to us. Alpha and Omega, Jehovah-Jirah, Elohim.

But that passage from Exodus 23 doesn't say "My names are in Him." It says My name. One. God has one name, His true name...and we don't know it. Jesus no doubt did, but He called Him "Abba." Daddy. Papa, as my kids call my hubby. My little ones know his name is David, but they don't use that name. They shouldn't, because it doesn't speak their love.

I daresay no other man knows the true name of God though. And why? Because that name is power. Power to destroy, to judge, to rule. It's the power of God Himself. That's pretty amazing. I've yet to find another passage where God gives His name--His true name--to any being. But here, as He's preparing to take Moses to Sinai...that was a pretty special time.

And that really makes me pause. Even given that I know only the human names for my I using them right? When I call upon Him, do I mean it? Do I ever sigh out an "Oh, Lord" that means nothing? Or even if I'm calling to I need it? Bear with me, now. ;-)

This is another section of Exodus that struck me the other day. It's when they've come to the Red Sea, Pharaoh's army is closing in, the children of Israel cry out to Moses. Moses says, "Don't be afraid, y'all! Just wait and see--salvation's coming. The Lord's got it all under control. He'll fight for you, I promise." (The Roseanna Paraphrase Version. Which usually has a few more "dude"s in it...LOL) And God replies to Moses's plea:

"Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it."

Did you catch what stood out to me? Why do you cry to Me? That left me dumbfounded. Because, well, shouldn't we?? Isn't prayer to be our first response?


But...God had already made the promise. God had already led them with fire and smoke. God had already spoken, had spared, had afflicted the enemy. More, God had already lent His power to Moses for this. That's what I took from that verse. He isn't saying, "Don't bother me, kid." He's saying, "Did you forget the power I put in your rod? Just stretch it out, dude. That's all you gotta do." (See--"dude.") ;-) That "but" isn't, I don't think, a conjunction--it's not saying, "but since you insist, do this." It's a an adverb. A "merely." Just lift up your rod.

Sometimes it's so hard to remember that God, especially through the salvation of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit, has already given us at least a portion of the power of His name. It's within us, all the time. And while I don't know the Name to call him...I know the title.

Abba. Father. God of my end (as they pray in the Culper Ring books, taken from Puritan prayers). When the wilderness lies before me, when the enemy's closing in behind, help me to remember that You've already put salvation in my hand.

What does your name mean?
(If you don't know, try

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 24

First, if you jump over to Colonial Quills today, there's a review of Whispers from the Shadows with a giveaway of it! I know some of you already have Ring of Secrets, so you might be interested in getting that new one.  =)

Can you believe there are only 6 left in the giveaway?? And only three for the beautiful Pen, Ink, and Paper set! Though still quite a few chances to win Ring of Secrets. =) Yesterday's winner is:

Jill Haggard!

The Silvery Plume Pen and Ink Set

Now for today.

Remember When . . . She Chose the Gown?

As I took my early morning walk one day last week, I was brainstorming my next book, How Do I Love Thee? (Let Me Count the Ways Series, Harvest House, 2014) and musing about the ones already out. Somehow or another, my thoughts about those melded with my thoughts about my friend's upcoming wedding in which I'm honored to be a bridesmaid.

And I decided it would be fun to talk weddings and dreams with you all today. =)

As a romance writer, weddings come up. LOL Though I don't always write the wedding itself, you can bet there's one at least alluded to at the end. Sometimes I actually get to include it in the story. Sometimes I just leave it in my imagination. But I know I'm not alone in sighing blissfully at the thought of flowing white dresses, bounteous flowers, and promises of forever.

In my first published book, A Stray Drop of Blood, there is indeed a wedding in the middle of the book...but not exactly a huge celebration. It's biblical, and I'm afraid Abigail didn't have what we'd call a gown. But she would have worn a new linen garment and the ruby necklace her bridegroom gave her.

In Jewel of Persia, Kasia finds herself wed to the king of Persia. There was no formal wedding ceremony for a mere concubine--just a contract, the time of preparation, and then the night she was brought to him. But I have these lovely pictures of my cover model, so imagine her looking something like this as she gazes into the eyes of her beloved.

My next book was Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland. Set in 1784, the book begins with a betrothal on the rocks and takes the readers through Lark's escape from the emotionally-withdrawn Emerson, to Annapolis, and eventually back to her home in Williamsburg. Lark's wedding dress would have been a fine gown (not necessarily white), which she would have worn again after her wedding. Her family was well-to-do, so it would have been fine indeed. Perhaps like one of these. =)

Then we jump back a few years to Ring of Secrets. Winter Reeves was of strong Long Island stock, more comfortable in homespun than the fine silks her grandparents forced upon her. She does, however, keep a nice gown for her wedding--still, it would be something she would feel comfortable in. I'd loved to have seen her in one like this:
In Whispers from the Shadows, Gwyneth arrives in Maryland with only one trunk of dresses, and she hasn't the time or inclination to shop for more. For her wedding, she would have chosen something directly from her wardrobe. Perhaps even this one. ;-)

In book 3 of the Culper Ring Series, Marietta is widowed. For her first wedding, all the stops would have been pulled out. She was marrying one of the wealthiest men in Maryland, after all. So let's imagine her simpering in a Victorian beauty like this:

My next one is back to the Regency, in England this time. Maybe, when it comes time for Arabelle to marry, she'll choose something like this.

I hear my soon-to-be-the-bride friend has chosen a dress with lots of frill and pouf--and I can't wait to see it!! I always thought I'd pick out a ball gown to get married in. But I opted for a more modern, strapless look for my wedding, something simple because I married my hubby at the beach.

And I love it still. =) What about you? I want to see your dream dresses too! Like...

Abbi Hart's 50s-inspired dream dress

Bookishqueen, perhaps something like this?
Jennifer F. wants a corset-back, A-line dress.
Ice-blue mermaid style for Salyna

What did you always dream your wedding gown would look like?
If you're married, what dress did you in fact choose?

Feel free to post links to pictures, and I'll add them to the post!!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 23

Only 7 days left! Can you believe it? And two winners I've yet to post are:

Wendy Newcomb and Kathleen Belongia!

And this week, you're entering for this beautiful set, as well as the daily drawing for Ring of Secrets.

Story Time Tuesday . . . Jasmine by April McGowan

Occasionally I like to talk to y'all about books I've edited, and today seemed like a fine time chat about our most recent fiction title, Jasmine. April McGowan is a talented writer who tells a story of a girl who ran away from a life that could have killed her, landed on the streets, but picked herself up. The book begins when Jazz gets the news that her mother has passed away, and she needs to return to her hometown for the first time in 15 years for the reading of the will.

She survived her past there--but can she face it now?

Let me tell you a bit about what drew me to this book to begin with. I was the acquiring editor for it at WhiteFire, and I was pulled in right away by April's smooth, simple style of writing. The pages turn quickly in this book, so fluid and graceful is the voice. But the story--the story packs a punch. Jasmine is tough, hardened, jaded about some things in life...but she's also a hero. She's turned her life into something beautiful and useful, having earned her doctorate so she could counsel at-risk young women who are in situations much like the one she escaped. Abused, used, and neglected, these women all need to learn the same lessons Jazz did--that it won't get better until they get out.

But Jasmine still has lessons to learn too, and traveling through them with her is poignant and real. When faced with the family she'd turned her back on--and the best (guy) friend who would give anything to be more than that to her--memories long suppressed come flooding back, and with them the weakness she hates in herself. But only in weakness can she see the strength of One greater than she.

This is a book that will touch you, move you, make you cheer. And maybe, just maybe, make you wonder what stories around you you've never seen...and what you can do to help them change.

April's also partnering with her local women's mission, directing readers and in-need women to them--I just love it when my authors put action to their passions!

And this being a WhiteFire book, that means that digital copies are cheap!! =) Check it out at Amazon or B&N, or pre-order your paperbacks now (Amazon). ;-)

Now, an interesting quirk of Jasmine's family is that her mom names all three kids after flowers. The brother is Sweet William (he goes by Bill now--I can't understand why, LOL), Lily is her older sister, and then Jasmine herself.

So my question comes from that.

If you had to pick a new name based on a plant,
what would it be?

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Monday, July 22, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 22

 Hope everyone had a great weekend! We participated in a fundraiser walk for some friends of our adopting from Ethiopia, watched Captain America, and did some much-needed straightening up around here. =) Two of those activities were much more fun than the other, LOL.

As a reminder, here's this week's bonus prize, in addition to a daily copy of Ring of Secrets! And if you haven't watched my new video book trailer yet for Whispers from the Shadows, I added that to my left sidebar. It's so much fun!

Now onward we go. =)

Word of the Week . . . Calm

Did you know that calm is related to heat? I sure didn't! But our word calm comes from Old Spanish and Portugese calma, which meant "the heat of the day." The time of day when everything came to stand-still, when work stopped so animals and people alike could find some shade and take a siesta. ;-) The Spanish in turn came from the Latin cauma, meaning "burning heat."

So if your July is anything like mine, it's been full of cauma to be sure--so a fine time to seek out some shade (or a pool) and enjoy some quiet and calm.

Your question of the day:

Which is your favorite season and why?

Mine is spring--love the new life, that brilliant green of fresh growth, and the moderate temperatures. Fall's a close second...but it ends in winter, which is my least favorite, so... (And yet, yes, I named a character Winter, and I adore her. What can I say? LOL)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 21

Sorry this weekend's posts have gone up a bit late--someone schedule them for the wrong time. Don't know who that could be. ;-)

Also a little behind on announcing winners! We have two winners of Ring of Secrets from Friday and Saturday:

Rachel Kasperson
Debra Dawn Smith

And the winner of last week's Tea Light Garden is (drum roll, please):


This week, not only are there daily drawings for Ring of Secrets, but also for this fun set! (Or something else from Victorian Trading Co of  equal or lesser value.)

Weekends are just for fun, so without further ado, my question for you today:

What's your favorite hobby?

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 20

It's time to unveil this week's bonus prize! Ready? Drum roll, please...

The Silvery Plume Pen and Ink Set

Inspired by the days when feather quills were dipped into ink to write, 
your handwriting will adopt a romantic air 
with surprisingly few "dips" needed. 
Includes pen, ink bottle and bundled envelopes.

So keep entering every day for a daily chance at Ring of Secrets, and amass those entries for Friday's drawing for this beautiful pen, ink, and paper set!

My question to you today:

Do you still send letters by post, or are you all email?

*I'll be ordering this and having it shipped directly to the winner; if for some reason it is unavailable at the time of purchase, winner can choose another item from VTC of equal or lesser value in its stead.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 19 ~ Plus a Blog Tour!

First, I just want to say how awesome it was to read everyone's responses yesterday. You all have some great words to live up to this year! I'm blessed that you shared with us here. =) And yesterday's winner of Ring of Secrets is:

Patty Hamblin

Now, don't forget that today is your LAST DAY to enter for the candle garden! Tomorrow a new prize will be unveiled, so jot yourself a note to check that out. ;-)

Now, since this month is all about celebrating the release of my second spy novel, I jumped at the chance to be included in the blog tour of another spy story...this one for kids! I don't know about the little ones in your life, but mine love to play super-spy.

So put on your cloak, hide your dagger, and come play with May, the K9 spy! KC has a great giveaway going on--follow the link below for details on how to enter!

About Book 1

May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy

Sometimes I start with a well-thought out plan, and sometimes, me being me, things just happen. In my imagination I'm on my way, heading anywhere. Because anywhere's better than here.

Which is why I'm staring at this latch. I'm going to escape today. I've been watching closely to see how they work it, though no one's noticed.

Humans... So unaware...

Available in Kindle format for $2.99 on
FREE for Kindle: July 16-20, 2013

About Book 2

May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris

An enterprising escape, a perilous mission...

After going astray during K9 Spy boot camp, May tries to find a way to the American Embassy in Paris.

Join her and LĂ©once, a feral cat, as they sniff out an evil plot leading from Benjamin Franklin's park through the historic Passy Cemetery to The Pantheon...including a journey under the city!

Available in Kindle format for $3.99 on
FREE for Kindle: July 23-27, 2013

Giveaway Information:

Check out the rules and join May the K9 Spy’s Scavenger Hunt at May’s Blog Tour HQ!

May also has a “Lucky 7 Rewards for Reviewers” drawing happening this month! Grab a copy of the book(s), submit your review(s) on, and enter to win super cool prizes. Details can be found in May’s latest newsletter, or contact May’s publicist at

**Entries for the K9 blog tour will all need to be made at May's Blog Tour HQ. Enter here only for my giveaway.

My question of the day:

Have you ever imagined one of your toys or pets
had a secret life?

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