Monday, May 6, 2013

To Johns Hopkins We Go

We're currently in the Baltimore area, getting ready for our appointment at Johns Hopkins for Xoe's broken elbow. It's at 10:15.

So I would appreciate prayers for this appointment, and then it will be resolved as easily on my princess as possible.

There's the possibility they'll be able to set it and send us home...and the possibility it will require surgery. Having no idea yet what it will be, I'm making no plans. So while I may try to post updates as time, energy, and internet connection allows, normal blogging won't resume until we're home again.

I hope everyone has a lovely spring week!



As it turns out, that was the easiest appointment ever. =) Not only does Xoe not require surgery, she doesn't even need a cast! Elbows have an enormous blood supply apparently, and heal twice as fast as other injuries. Her arm has already knit enough that surgery would just make it worse, and the doctor said that in kids' cases like this, he's just a proponent of letting the body heal and then fixing anything that needs fixing afterwards.

So we get to keep the splint on for another week, and then we can start taking it off and letting her move her arm around. In three weeks, she ought to have full motion back. How amazing is that? Thank you SO MUCH, everyone, for your abundant prayers!

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  1. Praying for you and your family today ...