Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughtful About . . . What a Week

Phew. It's been a week, that's for sure. A rather long one, with trips to and from Baltimore, worry over my brave little princess, and nothing remotely resembling routine.

Praise be to the Lord, elbows heal fast, so Xoe's not in pain except for when she bumps it. But there are some obvious adjustments that come when one can't use one's dominant hand, and as a homeschool family, we get to make all those ourselves. A few lessons have just been suspended--like handwriting. Spelling is now out loud or on the chalk board rather than in a notebook. But others involve a scribe. Which would be me, LOL. It can be fun to find alternative ways of doing familiar lessons, but it takes a wee bit more time.

We "collected" a lot of prayers last week, and I'm just in awe of the amazing group of prayer warriors who surrounded my little girl with their petitions. I can't thank everyone enough for that, or for the continued prayers for correct healing. We've been showered with cute little gifts and cards for the Xo-girl.

Tomorrow is an all-day field trip to an Army Heritage museum, so my still-reeling self will be trying to play catch-up-and-get-ahead today. I can't quite believe it's Thursday already! So please forgive me for cutting this short this morning. And thank you, again and again, for all the prayers for my family this past week!


  1. So happy she's doing well! And she looks just beautiful in her princess dress and with her new toys. :-)

  2. Your little girl looks as if she's feeling better now. That grin ... :)

    It sounds as if it's been a long week however. So I'll keep praying for you and yours ... if that's okay! :)