Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remember When . . . Discovery Was Made?

I'm on Colonial Quills today, with a post about my recent trip to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to the Army Heritage Museum. I'm also in the home stretch of Circle of Spies, so forgive my laziness...I'm going to direct you there for your snippet of history today. ;-)


The Army Heritage Center

Last week I had the opportunity to take my kids with our home school group to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for a day's tour of the Army Heritage Center. With displays on everything military from the French and Indian Wars through the War on Terror, I knew they would have fun--and I was hoping to come away with some nice pictures and research on that early stuff, since I seem to have fallen into writing books about wars. ;-)
The blacksmith hard at work in the Carlisle Forge
Our tour began in the Colonial section of the center, where we got to watch a blacksmith at work in the Carlisle Forge. I've had this pleasure before, but it never really gets old to see how they take hunks of formless steel and turn them into works of art or function. What especially amazes me is how these dedicated reenactors can explain so much about the early days of our country and the craft they obviously love while performing it before our very eyes...


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