Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day! And some stuff ;-)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I just got home yesterday from my first annual writing retreat with my super-awesome best friend/critique partner, Stephanie Morrill, and we had a totally awesome time. We both logged over 35,000 words in our long weekend of nothing-but-writing!

I got cuddled in at home well before the big snow hit, but now it's puttin' it down out there, and I promised my kiddos a snow day. Figure that's a good way for me to ease back into the home school schedule. ;-)

BUT--a few links had to be passed along anyway. =) First of all, the aforementioned super-friend Stephanie's first book is FREE on Kindle and Nook! Please download and pass along the links! This is the first of her young adult series, which is wonderful. I read and loved them all (several times, LOL), and the timing is perfect, as her next book will be out soon. =)

Also courtesy Stephanie and Jill Williamson is a new writing craft book on turning your first draft into a publishable novel--the only craft book I've ever read all the way through, LOL. It's priced to sell, so check it out too!

Happy snow day! Now back to reality I go. I have a feeling I won't be writing 10,000 words today, LOL.


  1. Thanks for posting this! And for not rubbing it in that you beat me in overall word count :)

    1. Happily. And I may have rubbed it in, had I remembered the number. ;-)