Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayer Request Reminder!

Please remember Haley in your prayers today. For anyone who didn't see it early, she's an 8-year-old girl (our families go to Bible study together) who had been experiencing dizziness and balance issues. Scans showed a tumor over an inch big growing at the base of her brain stem.

The tumor is benign, praise the Lord, but surgery was obviously still required. That surgery is today, Friday 1/18, at 12:30 p.m. EST. She and her family are understandably terrified.

Please cover them and the doctors and nurses in your prayers! She's at Johns Hopkins, so we know she's getting the best possible care. But do pray for wisdom, guidance, a divine touch, that there are no after-affects from the surgery (brain stem--*shiver*), that her recovery is quick and complete, and that they're all just bathed in the peace of the Spirit today, that nerves are calmed and fears abated.

You have already heard our prayers for this precious little girl, Lord, and we praise you for that. Now we come before you again, thanking you for what you've done and trusting you to keep your hand upon them.

If anyone would like to send Haley a card to let her know she's being prayed for in your neck of the woods, please send me an email at roseanna at roseannawhite dot com and I'll give you her hospital address!

~*~ UPDATE ~*~

Just got the word on Haley. She's doing well, but the doctor was unable to get the entire tumor--it was hard instead of cystic, as they had hoped. He still believes it's benign though. She'll have an MRI over the weekend to see how much they got--they think between 50 and 90%.

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  1. Praying. John Hopkins is a very good hospital.