Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remember When . . . Tea Bespoke Liberty?

Happy Independence Day!

Liberty Tea
In the 1770's Colonists forsook the partaking of tea imported from the British, and thus American women looked to their own gardens and the world around them to create their own teas.  Ribwort, sassafras, willow bark, birch, strawberry leaf, lemon balm, verbena, and currant bush were used as substitutes, as well as raspberry leaves which were used to make "Hyperion Tea."  Spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, orange bergamot, catnip and pennyroyal were used to create mint teas.  Flowers such as red rose petals, blossoms of linden, elder, red clover, chamomile, violet, red rose petals, rosehips, linden blossoms, elder, red clover, chamomile, violet and goldenrod were also brewed into tea.  Teas were also made from sweet fern, spicebush, ambrosia, twigs of sweet gum, fennel and dill seed, parsley, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, and sage.

Wanna know more? Hie thee over to Colonial Quills, ask for a cup, and settle in with the ladies for an Independence Day celebration Colonial style! We're going to have a blast!!


  1. Happy Independence Day, Mrs. White! I hope your day is absolutely extraordinaire. Enjoy the time celebrating with your family!

  2. By the way, is this background new? I absolutely love it! Very cute, and the "faded" look makes it seem almost antiquish.

    1. Thanks 4readin! I actually changed it at the end of April, but the colors are the same as they were before, so I think it escaped notice, LOL. Isn't it cute though? Those ShabbyBlogs people have some adorable backgrounds!