Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Special Guest! Nikki Arana (and free downloads!)

Today I'm excited to bring you some news from an old friend and a truly fabulous writer, Nikki Arana. Nikki and I met years ago when I was only an aspiring novelist and an avid reviewer. I read her then-latest women's fiction novel, A I Have Loved You, and was so very moved by it that I contacted her for an interview and proceeded to gobble up her Regalo Grande Series. And now her new one . . . haven't read it yet, but oh, I can't wait!!!

And without further ado, heeeeeeeeeeere's Nikki! ;-)


Thanks for giving me an opportunity to tell your followers about my novel that’s releasing on June 1. You and I first met when you read As I Have Loved You, and then The Winds of Sonoma, which was part of my Regalo Grande Series. Those books were women’s fiction. This time I’m writing suspense! My next novel, The Next Target, releases June 1.

Many people have asked me why I switched to suspense. It wasn’t something I planned! The story was inspired by my ministry, A Voice for the Persecuted. I help persecuted Christians who are under the threat of death . . . here in America! That is code for Muslims who convert to Christianity. I help them find safety. You can learn more about my ministry at http://www.avoiceforthepersecuted.com . There’s a Cause page on FB too.

I felt God was calling me to raise awareness about two issues. One is the need for Christians to reach out to the Muslims who live and work among us, model the love of Christ to them, and then with the leading of the Holy Spirit, give them what Islam can never give. And the second is about the huge price Muslims pay to know Christ. Most I’ve talked to live under persecution by their former friends and family. Most have no jobs because they live in a Muslim community and are shunned. And of course there are those who have been deported and/or killed.

Here’s what the book is about: Austia Donatelli, a young widow with an underground evangelistic ministry to Muslims, discovers a friend, someone close to her heart whom she recently led to Christ, has been murdered. She realizes immediately it was an honor killing. The brutal practice of families killing one of their own for converting to Christianity. Suddenly, Austia, her ministry, and everyone she cares about are thrust in the crosshairs of a terrorist organization. As the extremists zero in, she must unravel the deception surrounding her and protect innocent lives, including her own.

The reviews of this novel have been very strong. I was especially happy to get a rave review from Publishers Weekly which is not a Christian organization. "Arana's vivid imagery is imbued with spiritual force and her pacing is fiercely powerful." I’m pretty confident that if you like suspense, you’ll really enjoy this book. You might want to put on your seatbelt while reading.

But for the more faint of heart I have some good news. The first book in the series that brought Roseanna and I together is going to be available free on Kindle from May 16 to May 20. Just click here. And I'll also be giving away a FREE Kindle! Go to the News! Page on my website for instructions about how to enter to win it!


  1. Well, I JUST got a Kindle Fire (for Mother's Day/my anniversary) - so I'll DEFINITELY be popping over there tomorrow to pick that up.

    And what a passion you have, Nikki! Your new one sounds good too! Thanks for having her, Roseanna!

  2. i will be back to pick up your novel tomorrow (sorry, i don't buy kindle books...if i'm going to pay for something it will be a paper book). But The Next Target sounds awesome. Thanks, Roseanna for having Nikki here today.

  3. Joanne and Marianne, so good to see you here. What Roseanna didn't tell you was what a time we had with the FREE book offering. There was a glitch on Amazon, but it will be there tomorrow! If you want the details I posted about it on my blog. www.nikkiarana.com/blog/ When you're there, you can click on News! and get the schedule for when each of the 3 books in the series are free. Thank you Roseanna for all your support.

  4. so glad that glitch is GONE!
    TY Nikki! i've grabbed mine too :)
    thx Roseanna for the interview and hosting - lovely!

  5. Picked up my free Kindle book...yay, and thank you! Love suspense and really looking forward to reading this.

    This ministry..wow! Gave me goosebumps as I had never really stopped to think about the persecution they must face. At first I thought I should be thankful that I am blessed not to face this, but then the Holy Spirit tapped me and reminded me I should be doing more!

  6. I'm so happy to report that the Free book giveaway is on fire.

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #61 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
    #2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Religious Fiction > Romance

    Thank you all for your support. Please share the link with your friends and let's make Christian fiction #1 on Kindle.

  7. Thanks so much for having me. Would love to visit with you on my blog, Words for the Journey. www.nikkiarana.com/blog/