Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Praying for Sandi Rog

A little over a year ago, you may recall a post I had on here called "Have You Heard About Sandi Rog?" detailing how my good friend Sandi was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, T-cell lymphoma, on the very day her debut book released. I am truly awed and amazed by the support that rose up for her and her family from the online community of writers and readers.

Today I'd like to give you a little update and ask for more prayer for her. After a year of huge struggle, exhaustion, and treatment upon treatment, after wondering if the Lord might call her home through this and then determining to fight on with Him, Sandi was pronounced "in remission" a few months ago. But last month she went in for a full-body MRI and they discovered more cancer. Again. She now has a new spot on her pelvis, and yet again she's undergoing targeted radiation. The doctors consider this "not big," but it's big for Sandi. She's still so exhausted. So weak.

This new round of radiation is taking its toll, and she still has another week of it. So once again, her online family is rallying. We're declaring this week, from now until next Tuesday, to be a week of fasting and praying for our beloved sister. In one of my groups, we each signed up for a day when we would cover her and her family in prayer. If you feel so led, please consider joining us. Sandi has specifically asked for prayer for her healing (of course), strength, and pain at the site where she's receiving radiation, which makes walking difficult. I would add to that list encouragement, peace, and fortification for her whole family. Sandi is seriously one of the sweetest women I have the pleasure of knowing, and my heart continually breaks for her and all she's going through.

The best support we could ever ask for her is your prayers--but of course, if you want to support her family in all the costs they've accrued for her treatment, I do also invite you to take a look at her truly amazing, wonderful novels, if you haven't already.


  1. Thanks for pulling this together Roseanna I hope everyone shares this and I look forward to the next good report!

  2. Of course! May God bless and comfort this family as they go through such a difficult time.

    I would also encourage you to look up a Christian artist named Christy Nockels. I absolutely love her music. It is more of a contemporary Christian worship style, even though her songs are not technically praise and worship songs. Look up "Healing is in Your Hands" and "Waiting Here for You." Of course, you may have already heard about this music.