Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gone Croqueting

I really meant to schedule posts for this week, while I'm visiting friends in the name of "Croquet!" But alas, I spent my early-week hard at work on a proposal and didn't get to this.


But have no fear, I'll be back on Monday with my wit and brilliance and insight and hysterical laughter at the thought of someone taking me seriously when I claim to have wit and brilliance and insight. ;-)

Have a good one, one and all!


  1. Have fun on your book propsal! I am sure that it will be magnificent! I hope that it will be accepted!

    The idea of you having brillance and insight and wit is not so far fetched or hystericl. I still have that Waiting on Promises post saved in my e-mail. I pull it up and read it from time to time.

    Have a great week! I hope you get a lot done and are able to relax a bit after this is finished!

  2. Enjoy! And you DO have wit and brilliance and insight ;)

  3. So envious, Roseanna! Have fun in Annapolis.

  4. Wish you could have come, Rhonda!!