Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . Being Brave in the Dark

Yesterday was a fun day. After the first chunk of home school, the kids and I went to the market (not the fun part). When we pulled back in at the house, my hubby was out on the porch, inspecting three large boxes that must have been delivered while I was gone and he at work in his basement office.

Now, we get deliveries regularly. But those looked like book boxes, and I knew for a fact we hadn’t ordered any more books (though not long ago we got several similar-looking deliveries for our WhiteFire titles). So I yell to my hubby, “Is it Annapolis??!!”

He looked up at me with that crooked smile that said, “Do I have x-ray vision all of a sudden?” and replied, “If I were to guess.”

Torn between frozens and the first glimpse of my book, I did what any author-woman would do. I asked David to pretty-please carry the books into the house and made a mad dash for the second (and last) load of groceries. Then promptly abandoned the food and dug the scissors out of the drawer.

Yeah, I was a little giddy as I opened it up, pulled out a mountain of white packing paper, and lifted my book out. The cover has a matte finish, just so ya know, and is even prettier than the online image. =) My biblicals both have glossy finishes, so at once this felt different. Not to mention the joy of being surprised with it–I always knew when my WhiteFire books were coming.

Reality took all of 30 seconds to intrude as my kids said, “Yeah, great, Mommy. Can we have lunch now?” LOL. And so the day went on. More school. Writing. Dishes. Ballet. Peeling wallpaper off the walls at our new church. The glamor. ;-) But I kept one of those books on the table beside me, rest assured!

On our way back in at 7 last night, as we were coming yet again onto our porch, Rowyn (who had announced himself afraid of the dark five minutes earlier in the church parking lot) told me, “I’m brave in the dark now, Mommy. The light helps me be brave in the dark.”

I laughed and made a note to post that one on Facebook. But it also really hit home. So often when we’re going through life, we feel like we’re in the dark. No idea where our path might take us, sometimes not even sure we’re on the right one. It’s scary. It’s hard. It can be discouraging.

But it’s crucial that we realize we’re not in full dark. Even when the night surrounds us, there’s always a lamp there to make sure we don’t stumble–so long as we stay in its protective circle.

I can’t tell you how many times on this journey to publication I’ve felt like I’m standing alone in a vast, dark parking lot, with nothing but an ocean of blackness around me. But the Lord has shone that porch light on me through the years, guiding me where I needed to go. And when I followed, he then led me to a warm, bright kitchen. Filled with books with my name on their covers. =)

I know the journey’s not over. I’ll have to go back out in the night. Have to worry with sales numbers and new projects. Scary stuff! But I intend to emulate my wee one in this, and be brave in the dark.

Thanks to the Light that shines through the blackest night.


  1. I've been so proud of you these last couple years as I've watched you cling to Him, take to your knees, and obey.

    "Well done, good and faithful servant."

  2. You're going to make me cry, Stephanie!

  3. Congrats on the book. I can't wait to read it. And great message of encouragement—not alone in a black ocean surrounding me. So true! The Christ within is a lamp unto our feet.

  4. And you so beautifully spread the Light of the Gospel through your writing!

  5. Always my goal, Anne, but sometimes we get so caught up in the minutia that we need that encouraging reminder. Thanks!!

  6. Sooo exciting - and you've got you a smart kid.

  7. Aww ... congratulations! I'm smiling, just looking at that picture of you smiling. You look so thrilled! I'm so happy for you. Yay for books and surprises and, most of all, the Light that leads us forward!