Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Story Time . . . Sneek Peek at LOVE'S SACRED SONG by Mesu Andrews

"Stunning in its depth and scope, Love's Sacred Song is a story of love and 
passion, faith and flaws that will haunt you forever. Mesu Andrews crafts characters that will capture your heart with prose that will stir your soul. Masterful."

~ Roseanna M. White, author of Jewel of Persia and Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland

Yes, I'm quoting myself. ;-) That's a recent endorsement I wrote for Mesu Andrews's next Biblical love story, set to release in March of 2012. When I realized she had written a book based on Song of Solomon, I was intrigued. And when I began reading it, I was awed.

Young King Solomon knows he has been chosen by God to rule Israel--but how is he to live up to his father David? He is no shepherd-king, he is sure he lacks the strength of soul needed to be a good ruler. And so when God visits him in a dream, he requests wisdom . . . but it seems the wisdom is granted only for political matters, for Solomon cannot seem to understand matters of the heart.

Arielah, a shepherdess from Shunam, has known in her heart for years that she is destined to be Solomon's wife, and already she loves the man she has never even met. When the northern tribes of Israel threaten an uprising following the shameful treatment of one of their own in the Judean palace, her wise father plans to make peace by offering her as a treaty bride to Solomon. 

But can a humble shepherdess ever find a place in the harem of the king, especially when he has put his trust in traitors who hate her? And can a king renowned for wisdom ever learn how to love in the way of a common man?

I can say in all honesty that Arielah is one of my all-time favorite heroines. It's tough to pull off a character who's righteous and strong and still make her realistic, but Mesu Andrews does a fabulous job. Her little shepherdess sometimes lacks for confidence, sometimes knows fear, sometimes clings to anger--but the Lord remains always her beacon, and her love remains always strong. I LOVE THAT!! Conflict abounds on every page for lovely Arielah, and her story will twist and squeeze your heart and bring you to tears--yet deliver hope and victory.

Solomon made me want to smack him a few times, which is just as it should be. ;-) I loved how she balanced out the very fallible man with the very wise ruler--powerfully done.

Love's Sacred Song takes its place among my favorites. If you love Biblical fiction, this book is a MUST. The love story will leave you breathless, the intrigue will have you biting your nails, and the faith of the heroine will inspire you to keep your hands always in the Lord's.

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  1. I thought Mesu's Love Amid the Ashes was a stunning debut (one I reviewed on my blog, which is rare for me and reserved for books that really blow me away) and I'm definitely looking forward to this book too.