Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remember When . . . Annapolis Came to Life?

Yikes! I looked down at my clock and realized I'd totally spaced my blog this morning, largely because I'm several other places today. So I'm going to throw together a hodge-podge for you. =)

First, if you are just dying for that taste of Wednesday history and missed my Fashion Baby post a couple months ago, hop on over to the Colonial Quills and check out my In Ye Olden Days feature about the dolls that brought us our fashion news in the 18th century at

And today is kind of a sneak peek of my blog tour! The first interview with me that has some focus on Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland is up today on Anne Payne's Stuff and Nonsense blog. Stop on by here:!

All my future tours will probably be only a few days in length with multiple stops per day, but this one is spread out through December and January, and will begin and end with what is shaping up to be an awesome giveaway package, if I do say so myself. ;-) The official tour launches on Colonial Quills and will wrap up on Seekerville, so I'm very excited!

A peek at that giveaway package . . .

A leather Bombay journal, much like the one Lark received for Christmas in Chapter Eight.
A French quill and ink set, much like the one Lark would have written with in above journal. ;-)

A Colonial-style mug with individual packages of gourmet hot chocolate ~ chocolate being a favored drink of the era, though thicker and richer than these are likely to be (I haven't ordered the mugs yet . . . am hoping to find some from our local pottery store. So this picture won't likely be exact, though the style is what I'll be seeking).

A Colonial-styled doll, not unlike the fashion babies in the post I linked to above. ;-) (Hey, gotta give something that'll interest the kids in your life!)

And of course, a copy of Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland signed by yours truly. ;-)

This isn't the official prize information or anything, so some changes are likely, and I haven't yet ironed out the details of entering. But I'm looking forward to the launch of Annapolis and seeing it come to life! Hope y'all are excited too. =)

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