Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . An Amazing Two Weeks

I'm going to try to share news in a way that doesn't tell what I'm not at liberty to tell yet. =) Let's see how I do.

This much I think I can say: In the last two weeks, I've gotten two offers for book contracts. One for a three-book deal. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not going to say what books or what publishers given that the contracts haven't been settled yet, but yeah. Wow. I have been one EXCITED woman, and have done much calling to family and best friend so I can squeal. =)

The funniest part was that when I told my daughter (who will be 6 on Sunday! Where did the time go??) about the more recent of the two, I said, "Xoe, remember this story I told you about? Well a publisher bought it!" And Xoe's eyes got really big, she jumped up and down, and said, "Where is it? Let me see!"

LOL. If only it were so quick. ;-)

But it's really neat to see how the Lord worked all this out at once, and both a relief and an excitement to know that my next writing-year is now filled. I work well with direction. =) It's also a blessing to be working with these publishers and editors who I really admire. I've already had a phone call with the second editor, chatting about all the aspects she loved, the gleam that had lit the president's eye when she described my story to him, and how excited they all are about this project. Music to an author's ears!

But alas, after the initial jigging comes reality, which in this business means WAITING. And in the case of October, it means a lot of family activities taking my time. So these next few days I'm going to be making a birthday cake with a pirate ship, cutting out the same from a giant cardboard piece for the kids to play in at the party, assembling a variety of homemade games and decorations, and trying to squeeze research and writing in there wherever I can.

Oh, and I just got a Kindle! That, at least, is helping me with my reading. Yesterday it read to me as I packed books into envelopes. =)

Well, there you have my exciting, amazing two weeks. I'll share the details as soon as I can!


  1. SOOO thrilled for you, Roseanna! Can't wait to hear more details. And happy birthday to that girl of yours. SO fun!

  2. Congratulations, Roseanna!!! I'm sure you will spend awesome times with your new Kindle.

    (Oh, and that book-deal doesn't sound bad, either.)


    Happy for you

  3. You've had an awesome, crazy couple of weeks! So proud of you, friend.