Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Story Time . . . Yahshua's Bridge Is Available and Sneaking Some Peeks

Back in August I gave my review of Yahshua's Bridge by Sandi Rog, an epic tale set in first century Rome. I promised to let everyone know when it was available for pre-order, and it now is! So rush over to DeWard Publishing's site now and order your copy, especially if you enjoyed The Master's Wall. As a reminder of why you want to . . .

"Stupefying, stunning, and stirring--Yahshua's Bridge is a tale that takes the reader from the darkest valley to the highest pinnacle of hope. For anyone yearning to go deeper, this story of hearts broken and promises kept will take you there, and leave you astounded by the beauty of our Savior."

I don't give words like "stupefying, stunning and stirring" lightly. It takes real skill as a writer and superb story to earn those words from me--and Sandi deserves them all. This was a story unafraid to show us the ugliness of the world, the injustices that can destroy our lives, the cruelties that might plague us. All these are written with what I can only term bravery. It would have been so much easier to tell a story with simpler conflict and a happily-ever-after for everyone involved--but as Sandi said to me, that would have been unfair to all the early Christians and what they went through for their faith. Read My Full Review

Of course, I'm reading some new things now. =) They're not available yet, but . . . ;-)

The first one is Before the Scarlet Dawn by Rita Gerlach. This is a story of love and faithfulness set against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War. What I love most is that the characters are both British, but have come to America for a new life, unfettered by family's expectations. While the hero already fully believes in the American cause and knows from the get-go he'll fight for it, our heroine doesn't so fully understand--all Eliza knows is that she loves Hayward. Will that be enough to sustain them?

Next up is Love's Sacred Song, the next biblical fiction from fabulous author Mesu Andrews. I just got this one for endorsement purposes the other day, and I'm heading out this morning to buy a Kindle so I can read the PDF with ease. =)  Based on Song of Solomon, Love's Sacred Song is sure to delve deep into a story of love and passion and ancient politics that I cannot wait to discover!


  1. You're heading out to buy a Kindle? Officially jealous (with a Godly jealousy, of course!). They ALL sound so good.

  2. I've been avoiding the e-reader issue for approximately forever now, Joanne, but it's finally gotten to the point where the digital MSS I have to read just aren't getting read. I really think (we'll see how this plan works out, LOL) that I'll keep the Kindle for professional stuff like WhiteFire submissions and books I need to endorse, and my pleasure reading will remain on paper.

    Godly jealousy--riiiiiiiiight. ;-)

  3. THANKS for the PEEKS!! Looks good!!Grin!

    Nora St.LAurent
    The Book Club Network

  4. Roseanna, you're the best! xxx Thank you!

  5. All of them sound amazing! Thanks :)