Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Story Time - Savoring

Right now I'm reading The Colonel's Lady by amazing author Laura Franz. Thus far, here are my impressions: deep, lovable characters. Awe-inspiring writing. Compelling plotline.

Which begs the question of why I've been reading it for a month already, LOL. I feel like I'm really not giving Laura and this book their dues by going so long between picking it up, and when I do, I can only manage a few pages before the day's exhaustion overcomes me. But last night as I squeezed in five pages, I realized I was really savoring every word. I knew I wouldn't read much--it was already bed time, and my eyes were sliding shut. But as I moved my eyes over expert phrases that perfectly crafted the characters in my mind, this was me:

Happy siiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhh. ;-)

Amazingly, I've yet to forget a single detail of what I've read thus far, though it's occasionally been two weeks between my chapters. Why? Maybe in part because I'm reading slowly, savoring. Letting it all sink in before I turn a page. But also because the author has done an amazing job making a story and characters who stand out, sterling, in the reader's mind.

So. I can't offer a full review of the full story yet. But I can say that I've heard enough about what's coming next that I really, really hope I have time to read more soon! And I can also say that what I've read thus far has convinced me anew that this is an expert author who knows her stuff and delivers it with amazing beauty.

(It also must be noted that the heroine's name is Roxanna, which I have been mistakenly called enough that it still gives me a jolt to read it, LOL)

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  1. I LOVE books like that, Roseanna. Like best friends - you go away, and it's like you never left.