Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A "Remember When" Informal Poll

Having just returned from the ACFW conference in St. Louis, and having spent the last few days chatting with my fellow historical writers about all we gleaned and learned while there, I thought it would be fun to take today to talk about historicals. Specifically, which ones are your favorites?

Do you tend to gravitate toward a particular era? A particular setting? What draws you to it?

Just a few choices to get you started. Do you like:

* Biblical / Ancient times


*Elizabethan / Tudor England

*Colonial / Revolutionary America

*Regency England

*Early Federal America (post-Revolution through War of 1812-ish)

*Civil War

*Victorian England

*European (which country, time period do you love?)


*Turn of the Century

*World War I

*Twenties - Depression

*World War II

Any of these jump out at you as your all-time favorite? Does your favorite not fit? (Gotta say, one of my favorites is Christine Lindsay's Shadowed in Silk, which is India of 1919, so it's kinda between WWI and Twenties with a totally unique setting. Feel free to expand my list!)

Let's getting chatting about our favorites!!


  1. Elizabethan/Tudor era Britain, any period of Irish, Industrial Revolution America, and most especially WWII! But I pretty much love them all!

  2. Biblical Fiction is my favorite. I'd say I own every notable Biblical
    novel that's worth reading! :)

  3. I love most historical but my favorites would be Victorian England, Civil War, and WWII. That's why I write for those periods. But I absolutely loved Liz Curtis Higgs 1700s series. I

  4. My favorites are Regency & Victorian, preferably taking place in England. I have found that the Civil War Era & Gilded Age are not my cuppa :) That being said, I ♥loved♥ A Stray Drop of Blood & JoP time frames, and the series by Francine Rivers set in ancient Rome/Jerusalem!

  5. I love the 1920-1950's. I love the clothes, the music, the swell words, and the automatic conflict that each era inherently possesses with wars, the depression, and recovery time in the '50's. Great times!

  6. LOVE Biblical - but I think you knew that. Not crazy about much outside the United States (though that very well could be from lack of reading it) other than that, though. Any U.S. historicals in just about any era are enjoyable - but it's the writing that grabs me (or not).

  7. One that is WELL WRITTEN. None of the other stuff - era, location - matters to me so long as the writer transports me to another time and place.

  8. What a fun post! My favourite eras are Biblical (especially New Testament / Early Church - although, to be honest, I haven't read much from early in Biblical history!) and Celtic / Medieval England, Elizabethan / Tudor England and Regency England. There are events, also, from other eras that appeal to me - the Pilgrim Fathers and English Civil War (1600s), the Evangelistic / Missionary Movements of the 1800s, WWI and WWII (only if I want to cry!) and moments from European history.