Friday, August 12, 2011

My Friend Patty - Encouraging in the Everyday

"Just like I had to purposefully go out and walk to put myself in a position to see and experience the beauty of the morning and the flowers, I need to put myself in a position where I can see the things God has for me to see."

I've visiting Patty Wysong's blogs before. I have, in fact, done some really fun interviews on, first her personal blog, and then the Barn Door Book Loft. I've scrolled through a few of her regular posts, read a few of her devotionals. But it wasn't until I really started clicking through her website for this feature, recommended by a friend of hers, that I realized how much this lovely woman does.

Her website is called "Ordinary Lives" with a kinda floating subtitle (hey look, I'm coining a phrase! LOL) of "Finding the Extraordinary God in Our Ordinary Lives." And as you click through it (which I highly encourage you to do!), you will indeed find evidence of an ordinary, busy life. Her Community links proves she has friends equally as involved in blogging. Her About Me shows us her sense of humor. Her Fiction tab reveals the kinds of stories that grip her heart and the agent who shares her vision. Taken piece by piece, you see the ordinary.

Taken as a whole, you see the extraordinary.

I won't try to say I know Patty really well--but we've emailed a few times, and her notes have always, always made me smile.

That's pretty extraordinary.

My very first interview on my very first blog tour was on Patty's blog, and I remember thinking after several more that she, more than most, really had this down. Her site is gorgeous, her followers are dedicated . . . and I loved that every post ended with her signature of "Seeking Him."

Looking through it all now, it's so clear she does. Like her blog? Then you'll want to click on the Blogging Stuff tab, where she has turned her successful blogging experience into tutorials and workshops and design.

Now, let me just say that I've been in similar positions before--where you have something mastered pretty well, and you start thinking, "If only I could make a little money at this." Saying it's the easy part--doing it . . . well that takes way more effort. A handy helping of dedication. Some undeniable vision. And trusting in the Lord. So Patty, I really admire that you've taken the "if only I could" and turned it into, "Here I am."

And of course, as a writer trying to put myself out there, I appreciate all she and her blogging partners do to help promote authors. More, I appreciate that her site is definitely not only for writers. She offers devotionals and insights, fun and fellowship for all.

I encourage you to drop by one (or more!) of Patty's sites and leave her a note of encouragement. You're also welcome to leave her a comment here, of course, and by doing so, you'll be entered into my August giveaway. For each of her sites you follow, you'll get an extra entry (please leave me a comment telling me that you do indeed follow them so I know to give you the entries)

In case you haven't yet seen my August giveaway, here it is: Heiress by Susan May Warren, To Die For by Sandra Byrd, Surrender the Dawn by MaryLu Tyndall, and the obligatory Jewel of Persia by this author I know really super well and so am storing boxes of books for. Ahem. She won't mind if I give one away. ;-) You can also enter this giveaway here, here, and here. Each comment equals one entry, but you're welcome to rack 'em up!

And while I've got your attention, I'll be flying to Oregon for the OCW Conference on Sunday, so if you wanted to say a prayer for me and travel, that would be soooooo awesome! =)


  1. I follow EVERY ONE of Patty's blogs - and she is currently AT MY HOUSE!!! We're headed to the FaithWriters' Conference shortly :)

    And I DO know her super well. And everything you say about her is true.

  2. You blew me away, Roseanna. Totally. That is SO cool that my site was your first on your tour! I didn't know that! =] I love have you on my sites and look forward to the next time! =]

    Thanks so much!

  3. She is indeed an amazing person! ^_^ Her sense of humor is always refreshing--along with her transparency. Excellent glimpse into this bloggy celebrity. :)

  4. I loved reading this. I can't wait to visit your page, Patty!