Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Story Time Surprises

We're going to chat again today. =)

Every Tuesday, I take the kids to the library, and come home with a canvas bag full of kids' books. The past couple weeks, rather than help me pick out books, my little ones have played while I did that task. I try to pick out a variety--some boyish ones for my truck-loving, monster-playing, super-hero whooshing little guy; some girlie ones for my oh-so-pretty, princess ballerina, wear-pink-all-day girl-o.

Last week, they surprised me. When I laid them all out at bedtime and asked what they wanted, I thought Rowyn would pick the robot one, maybe the bug one, and that Xoe would go for Pinkalicious or the one about the fairy mouse.

But no. Rowyn chose Fairytale Cake and Xoe picked Big Bug Surprise. Color me shocked, LOL.

It made me think about how often I'm surprised by my own reading choices. I confess I tend to pick up books whose genres I love or the author of which I either (a) know personally or (b) know will deliver a great story. Sometimes I stretch myself, waiting for a pleasant surprise.

I think the biggest one I ever got was Zora & Nicky by Claudia Mair Burney. I'd read another of her books and found some aspects of it that just weren't uplifting enough for me. But I picked up Z&N because it was sent to me, and I was honestly thinking, "I'll just get this one out of the way."


I couldn't rave enough about it--I still can't, and that was two years ago. It was a book that delivered hope alongside reality, that forces you to examine all you believe, all your actions, redefines the difficulties of race with honesty and insight, and above all directs everything back to the Lord. It was amazing, simply amazing. 

Other attempts at surprising myself haven't always gone so well, LOL. Sometimes I end up tossing a book down going, "Yep. This is why I steer clear of this genre/author."

But I love little more than discovering a new favorite where least expected. So . . . what are yours? What have you read that you didn't expect to like, or picked up solely on recommendation but were unsure of, that you ended up falling in love with??

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  1. "Fools Rush In" by Janice Hanna Thompson. I'm generally not a huge romance fan, but I won this book at a blog, and some folks told me it was funny, so I started it, and LOVED it (ordered book two in the series the day I finished it!).