Friday, July 15, 2011

My Friend Fridays Are Going to Change!

Well, I've just about reached the end of my scheduled author interviews paired with book giveaways. I have a few more over the next couple months that are already scheduled, and I'm happy to do them whenever an author asks. But feedback on those have been down, so I'm brainstorming a new approach to My Friend Fridays.

Here's what I'm envisioning. Since beginning this blog, I've made a lot of other friends in the blogging world, and they're not all authors. So what I'd like to do is highlight YOU on Fridays. I'd like to go visit your blogs, your websites, discover what you're passionate about that brings you online to connect with folks. And I'd like to write about it, directing my other readers your way.

Giveaways? Well, I'll probably do one big one a month, and comments from any of the Friday posts will enter you, so you can be entered multiple time.

To start this, I'll probably be visiting the sites of some of you I know pretty well. But once I run out of those, I'm going to be going through my Followers list, following links and getting to know you. Then, rather than just being a place for mindless giveaways, I'd like MFFs to be a time to encourage and support one another.

You guys have been amazing in supporting me--now I want to return the favor!

So, would you like me feature you one Friday? Or do you have another friend you think deserves the recognition? Leave me a comment with your website and a sentence about what you do, what your ministry is.

And of course, the success of this relies on interaction, so please pass along the opportunity to your friends and come back every Friday to discover someone new!

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I think that is a great idea! I like promoting people and making them feel great. My blog is a work in progress and has slowed down a little due to my camera being at my son's house..I really need to get it back. My passion on my blog is primarily my gsons...boy do I love those guys! And scrapbooking,I have made so many friends scrapbooking on line..My ministry is working with developmentally disabled folks..Love it! I would enjoy being featured at some point but I think you have many many more to spotlight at least until I get mine running smoother. I think you have a wonderful idea here and I am anxious to meet these new people..

  2. Well Vicki, I'll definitely take notes and look at your stuff once it's back up and running regularly! Sounds like you have a full life of giving. =)

  3. Love the idea, Ro. I've been wondering about my interview days, too, but haven't decided anything at all about it. I think this sounds like a great way to go for you! People LOVE others who want to promote them/care about them.

    Good job!

  4. Hello, my friend! It's been awhile since I've commented here. Been following ya though! I've been involved with Go Teen Writers, Writing COntest. You've been on the panel of judges for some of mine. :) I would love for you to feature a few blogs that are very different than others. I follow the stories of two 5 year old girls, who are fighting for their lives. They have had multiple organ transplants and explants. Beautiful, inspirational, little girls! Their Momma's blog about it and I think it's good to read them, to follow them, to pray for them. It opens your eyes to all the hurt in the world, and makes you realize how blessed we are! These little girls would love to walk, or run or eat... things that we do everyday, yet take for granted. Here's the links.

    Much love! Thanks for doing all that you do for us! You're the greatest!

    Holly Ogg

  5. I'll definitely check those out, Holly!! Thanks for the links.

  6. I LOVE this idea, Roseanna. I'd be fine if you checked me out (I'm a fledgling writer and "full-time encourager). My dear friend Patty Wysong, though, is amazing all the stuff she does - writing, blog managing, etc., teaching blog classes, etc. She'd be a great one I think.

  7. Yes, Patty's awesome! I've been on her blog twice--once when it was just hers, and recently at the Barn Door Book Loft. Both of you will go on my list. =)

  8. I liked the idea too!! I liked the fact that we can learn about different ministries and authors that way.

    The reason I read Christian Fiction is the fact that it touches lives. I love the ones that are not over the top preachy but take a look at real life!

    A couple of books are PEOPLE of the BOOK and RED INK by Kathi Macias. Her books are stories with a mission. She just spoke at book club this week. WOW!! Her book Red Ink just won a AWSA award and is up for a Carol which was announced this week too.

    Another author we had book book club this week was WORDS author Ginny Yttrup. Talk about a book leading to ministry. My group was deeply touched by this book and the testimony of Ginny. People came up to me for prayer, I grabbed Ginny and we spent a good deal of time praying for our hurting women after the meeting and book signing! I know that Kathi's book helped open up the floor and help us to think of GOD OUTSIDE the box we try to put him on. But these two books and these two women have a powerful ministry!

    Just say! Might want to check them out!

    Nora St.Laurent
    The Book Club Network

  9. That sounds like a lot of fun! :-D What a way to bless others, Roseanna!! Love the idea!

  10. What a great idea! Would love for you to check out what I'm doing over at my blog currently. Although you know me primarily as a fiction author, my husband and I have a passion to encourage healthy marriages. We do marriage conferences and alot of marriage counseling through our church. I am putting up an article every Friday dealing with "31 Ways To Mess Up Your Marriage." We are on #4 this week, so we're just getting started. Would love for you to drop in and see what we're doing.

    And of course I have a Civil War novel coming out in November that I hope you will review :)Thanks for all you do for Christian authors. I appreciate you so much.

    Golden Keyes Parsons

  11. Hi Roseanna! This sounds like fun. I'd like to put forth two websites/blogs for your consideration. My own is at I do talk about the writing journey (including my upcoming novella) but my passion is the local foods movement, and why believers should care about where their food comes from. takes you to my blog, where I post MWF.

    I'd also recommend my friend Nicole at She has a huge heart for tween and teen girls and the difficult choices they face. She has several books out with more on the way--novels for teens plus nonfiction parenting booklets. She also is on the air at Teen Talk Radio every Thursday evening.

  12. Hi, Roseanna. I'm a member of ACFW and run a book group from our church (you might remember, we read A Stray Drop of Blood last year and you were so kind to send us the books) Besides being a writer, I'm a dramatist performing women from Scripture. I realized a few years ago that not one woman in Scripture wrote her own story; all were written by someone on the outside looking in, so my question was, if I spoke to this woman, what would she say about her encounter with Christ? I blog about a little of everything via My passion is for people to see Jesus through everything I do.

  13. Of course I remember you, Kim! And I'm gonna check out your blog. =) I love your passion--it reminds me of a post I wrote called "Shine" back in January.

    Golden, Nora, Katy, I'd already intended to feature you guys. ;-) And Valerie, thanks for the links! I've had Nicole on here with an interview, but looking at her work with teens and tweens is a fabulous idea.

    Thanks, all! I think I'll have no trouble staying busy for a loooooooong time with this.