Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . Taglines

I'm finally giving in. After years of refusing to label myself (and not really needing to), I' ve found myself wanting a tagline. Primarily because I need to upgrade my website and want something to put under my name, LOL.

But I could use some help. Who's up for brainstorming?? =)

Here are some things I've considered including, themes to all my books, etc.

      The problem with this is that I hope to publish some of my contemporaries somewhere along the way, too.

      Since I received the word "shine" for the year from the Lord, I've really been loving all the ways this can be used, and it's definitely a big goal with my writing--to shine for Him with my words

      When I asked my best friend/crit partner Stephanie Morrill what common thread ran through all my books, she said it was the hope. So you know . . . common thread . . . good for a tag line, LOL.

      Not that this is the catchiest word or anything, but it's probably my most defining characteristic. Which goes in with the hope. =)

      All my books are faith-based, Christian fiction. I want all my stories to glorify the Lord

      Though not all meet the definition of "romance," all my novels are love stories

      This is a word that springs up often when people are talking about my stories--they're usually very involved and dig deep into matters and hearts

      Even when I'm writing silliness, it tends to be smart silliness. Those are my agent's words, not mine, LOL. So please don't think me pretentious. And I don't really know I'd want it in a tagline. Just trying to give you a rounded understanding of me and my work. ;-)

      I like to get really involved in the emotional aspect of a story.

      I know lots of people with this is their tagline, so I might not want to go there, but I'm definitely passionate about the written word, and I like to write about characters passionate about life, love, and the Lord

So . . . any brilliant ideas? I've toyed with these:

History, Heart & Soul (which wouldn't work with contemporaries)
Fiction that Shines with Hope

But I could use some help finding that perfect phrase. So HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP! Please. ;-)


  1. I'm terrible with these. My friend,Linore Burkard came up with mine. If you don't want to tag yourself as Historical how about something like Moving/Touching/Reaching heart and soul. Fiction that shines with Hope. (just one of those of course). I do like the last line. It's catchy. You could even just go with that. Or what if you made that line longer? Fiction that shines with Heart,Hope & Soul.

    Sorry I warned you I wasn't much help. ;o)

  2. I'm also terrible with these, though I THINK I like mine (Paving Rough Roads with God's Presence)

    Fiction Where Hope and Faith Shine (?)

    Will keep thinking.

  3. Shining hope into hearts
    Shining hope into hearts through fiction

    It's a tough one.