Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remember When . . . The Mail Brought Treasure?

I've always loved getting mail. As a kid, having a letter come to me was right up there with new toys and macaroni. (Which is saying something indeed.)  And a package?? Oh, that couldn't be beat. I still remember when a friend of mine sent me a birthday present in the mail, filled with home-drawn stationery, stickers, and other fun stuff for a young girl. =)

These days, the mail brings the requisite bills, of course, and books. Lots and lots of books. So many books that this die-hard reader has started going, "Really? More books?" instead of "Yay, more books!" (Again, that's saying something, LOL.) But once in a while, a different kind of package arrives. And sometimes it's the treat of the year.

Do you remember when I talked about the torc bracelet in Jewel of Persia and the awesome jeweler from Athens who was gracious enough to let us use his images? (If not, Part 1 and Part 2) Well, Aris has outdone himself in generosity. With the release of JoP in paperback, I contacted him again to thank him and get his address so I could send him a book. He got mine too, and sent me this.

How amazing is that? How beautiful? How generous? It deserves an entire row of exclamation points, so indulge me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, here's a bit about this amazing design. Based on museum pieces that were discovered in archaeological finds in Greece, Aris Vaphiadis inherited the lion head design from earlier jewelers in his family, and they remain some of the shop's most popular designs. They are so popular, in fact, that their lion collection is now in the gift shop of the Louvre. Historically, jewelry like this was loved and worn by both men and women.

In my story, Kasia receives the bracelet in the first chapter, and it's throughout the book a symbol of love between her and her husband. When I originally wrote the book, this bracelet was gold. But when I found the pictures of it on the Greek Jewelery Shop's site and Aris was so kind as to let us use them on the cover, I went through and changed all the descriptions to silver, to perfectly match his design, no digital altering required.

Greek Jewelry Shop has a ton of awesome designs in the ancient fashion, so I have to recommend you pay them a visit online and check out the amazing work displayed there. You won't regret it!

Overall, this has been a really exciting week for me, and it was crowned by coming home from a weekend vacation to find this treasure awaiting me. So I must again extend my deepest thanks to the talented and generous Aris Vaphiadis.


  1. Beautiful and talented! :O)

  2. $250, wow. Too much for an unemployed migrant like me :-D

    You need to have him update the info about you in his forum!

    Its certainly nice hear something positive from Greece. I've been there recently (Easter sunday, so shops and even tourist sites were closed), and it felt, well, storic. As everything was closed, we couldn't see a lot. And there are better-preserved Greek temples in Sicily and Campania. But to think of the thousands of years of ups and downs of Athens...

    I hope the common Greek people will master the current crisis and resurge.

  3. Wow, they do have beautiful things! Thanks for the link.
    I'm right in the middle of JofP, and so enjoying it!!
    Have a wonderful day as you sport your new bracelet!!

  4. I share the link most happily. ;-)

    And I'm glad you're enjoying JoP!!

  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing with us! That's awesome ;)