Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remember When . . . The Dance Spun Round?

I'm cheating today. For your taste of something historical, I'm going to direct you to Colonial Quills, a blog for which I'm a contributor. Today one of our members is posting on 18th century dancing, and it's a fun, informative post. =)

Why am I being so lazy, you ask? Well, in part because my kids won't let me sit still for five minutes thus far this morning, and my son's going to need another breathing treatment here in a few minutes. In part because I'm staring at the screen with a total lack of genius when it comes to blog posts today. And that is the case largely because I got my edits for Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland last night, and all spare brainpower is now engaged in brainstorming a few small changes. =)

So. Hop over to the Quill. Say a prayer that my boy-o's breathing issues are resolved by the time I need to leave him with his grandmother tomorrow. And say another prayer that I do justice to the potential in my book with these edits. =)


  1. Praying for things to settle down. I hope the edits go well.

  2. Hope your day gets better!

    Oh, and thanks so much for the book! I won Jewel of Persia on a blog and just got it! Thanks Roseanna!