Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Story Time . . . for Easter

I was touched beyond compare when a friend I made through her reading A Stray Drop of Blood re-posted her review of the book all over the place, declaring it a book one must read in the Lenton season. I confess, I often pick up the book this time of year and reread the scenes pertaining to Jesus' trial, death, and resurrection. Maybe that's silly, since I wrote it so obviously have all that info stored in my brain, but . . . well, dwelling on it like that help me to focus on the season.

Which got me to wondering. Does anybody have any books (either for adults or kids) that you pull out around Easter? The kids and I have gotten several books from the library for them, and I gotta say I'd love to find a kids book that combined the historical account of Easter from the Bible with the traditions of Easter Bunny etc. that have cropped up over the years. It seems like everything we've read has focused either on one or the other. Any recommendations?

The other thing I read every year this time is (I'll give you one guess!) . . . the chapters of the Gospels about the triumphal entry, the week leading up to Jesus' arrest, the last supper, the betrayal, the trial, the crucifixion, and the resurrection.

So please do share! What are you favorite Easter reads?


  1. Oh my. The more I hear about your books the more I think that I can't wait for a birthday or Christmas for them to be gifted to me. (I rarely spend money for fiction...I guess bc it is an indulgence.)

    As for Easter books, I want The Parable of the Lily (Liz Curtis Higgs), but don't have it. I don't have recommendations about the combined Jesus/bunny...but I'm sure it's out there! Really liked The Three Trees, The Miracle of Easter, Easter at Our House (for younger though), and though it's not all about the death and resurrection, I was really impressed with Little Colt's Palm Sunday. I will probably write a post for Thursday about these. :)

  2. Easter Bunny, Are You For Real is a good book from the Christian perspective.