Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Story Time . . . first glimpse of SURRENDER THE NIGHT

I am a HUGE MaryLu Tyndall fan, so when a signed copy of Surrender the Night arrived on my doorstep, I did a little jig. I loved Surrender the Heart and couldn't wait to read the second book in the Surrender to Destiny Series. But alas--it was third at the time in my to-be-read stack.

Then life descended in the form of a 5-year-old who decided bedtime was a good time to move to Tantrum Town. I haven't read at all in the past week, other than a little snippet last Saturday. But last night, when she finally went to bed like a normal kid (which means some "But I'm not tired!" whining, but no fits), I cracked open Surrender the Night again. Ah, bliss.

I'm only four chapters in, but already I'm loving this book. Rose lives on a farm outside of Baltimore, where she does her best to hide from the memories of all the British took from her--her parents, her home, and her innocence. But when British soldiers again invade her world, and she again finds herself at the mercy of a brutal soldier, she prays the Lord will be merciful and let her die.

Instead, 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Reed stands against his superior, risking a court martial when his conscience forbids the attack on one more innocent woman. Perhaps he saves her life, but he knows well his own is forfeit. For if the British Navy doesn't punish him, the Americans surely will when the fair damsel he rescued turns him in.

Rose hides the man in the barn as long as she can so she can nurse him back to health, but when a fever sets in, she fears this man will yet be her ruin. Her only goal is to get him back on his feet and away from her . . . but of course, the back of the book cover promises love intervenes. =)

That's as far as I've gotten, but golly. I'm already in love. A tomboy beauty who prefers the company of pigs to men . . . a handsome hero who chose nobility over the war that wasn't his own . . . perfect. I am seriously looking forward to reading more when peace and quiet (or at least the absence of fits) permits! You can be sure I'll post a full review after I've finished. =)


  1. I also am so excited about winning a copy of Surrender the Night! I'm looking forward to getting it in the mail. Yes, my name was picked out of 40 comments...40. Now explain to me why your random number generator just does not like me...at all!;-)

  2. LOL, Diana. Good thing hope springs eternal! Surely one of these days you'll either win my book or one on my blog. =) The odds practically guarantee it! (Practically. LOL)

  3. If there was only one comment, being mine, I would lose on a technicality. LOL! Enjoy your book, girl!