Friday, March 25, 2011

My Friend Cathy West - Interview and Giveaway

Today I'm happy to welcome Cathy West to the blog to tell you about her debut novel, Yesterday's Tomorrow (isn't that just an AWESOME title??).

Cathy has generously offered a copy in giveaway, so please leave your comments below with an email address to be entered.


About Yesterday's Tomorrow

She's after the story that might get her the Pulitzer. He's determined to keep his secrets to himself. Vietnam, 1967. Independent, career-driven journalist Kristin Taylor wants two things: to honor her father's memory by becoming an award-winning overseas correspondent and to keep tabs on her only brother, Teddy, who signed up for the war against their mother's wishes. Brilliant photographer Luke Maddox, silent and brooding, exudes mystery. Kristin is convinced he's hiding something. Willing to risk it all for what they believe in, Kristin and Luke engage in their own tumultuous battle until, in an unexpected twist, they're forced to work together. Ambushed by love, they must decide whether or not to set aside their own private agendas for the hope of tomorrow that has captured their hearts.


About Cathy

Educated in Bermuda, England and Canada, Catherine holds a degree in English from the University of Toronto. When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or tending to her roses and orchids. Catherine and her husband live on the beautiful island of Bermuda, with their two college-aged children. Catherine is a member of Romance Writers of America, and American Christian Fiction Writers, and is a founding member of International Christian Fiction Writers. Catherine’s debut novel Yesterday’s Tomorrow, will release in 2011, through Oak Tara Publishers.
Website: Oak Tara Website: 


What's your latest book?

My latest release is called Yesterday’s Tomorrow, due March 2011, through Oak Tara Publishers.

I've heard such great things about it! What's your favorite part of the story?

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a love story. And since I absolutely adore happy endings, without giving too much away, I’d have to say the ending!

=) Happy endings are a MUST!  What was the hardest part to write?

The story takes place during the Vietnam War. I did a lot of research for the book, and I think the hardest parts for me, were the scenes where Kristin had to deal with what was going on around her—death, destruction and the devastating results of a war on a nation, both in Vietnam and back in the US.

I’m not really old enough to remember that time, not even American, so I basically just had to try really hard to put myself in Kristin’s shoes and hope I got it right!

Yeah, I know that feeling, LOL. What do you hope your readers will get out of the story?

So many things. Even though a lot of the story takes place within a warzone, I wanted to show that there is hope to be found in even the darkest of places. I think one can see the frailties of human nature, the need for forgiveness and the ultimate victory that is found in redemption.

Lovely. Is there a theme to this book?

It struck me while I was writing this story, that truly, ‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ John 15:13 NLT That’s the spiritual theme of the book—remembering what countless brave men and women on the frontlines have done, and a reminder of what Christ did for us.

Wow--so touching! What's your favorite genre to write? To read?

Romance all the way! I love a good romance from beginning to end, with plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. Of course we know it’ll turn out the way we hope, but there’s nothing like a little anticipation to keep a reader turning those pages! I also enjoy reading literary fiction, and big sweeping family sagas that span generations.

I tend to stick to writing contemporary romance, although I have written a women’s fiction novel.

Hear, hear! Are there any people (family, writing group, editors) who you rely on when writing?

I can’t say enough about American Christian Fiction Writers. Honestly, had I not joined this group six years ago, I seriously doubt I’d be sitting here looking at my first published novel. From the comraderie that takes place between writers, to the teaching, the critique groups and the annual conference, this group is amazing, and I’d be utterly lost without them! I also have a few wonderful critique partners and friends who keep me going when I’m ready to chuck it all out the window, and of course my fabulous agent, Rachelle Gardner. She’s always there to bounce ideas off, and ready to give me a swift kick in the derriere when I need one!

That would be where I "know" you from. =) Aside from writing, what takes up most of your time?

I love to garden – I grow roses and orchids. I also keep active with my two year old Border Collie, as well as weekly volunteering with Bermuda Riding for the Disabled. And I try to read as much as I can.

I would love your garden. =) Roses and orchids are two of my favorites. What are you writing right now?

Right now I’m working on two manuscripts. The first is called Reprisal – a family saga, heavy on the romance of course, that I hope to have finished in the next few months. The second story is a straight romance, First Harvest, about a young woman who travels to Sonoma to help convince her grandfather to sell his winery and move back east, and soon realizes, once she meets her grandfather’s vintner, that she’s in for quite a fight!

Oo, they sound great! Is there another author who has greatly influenced your writing?

Yes, there are several. Deborah Raney was probably the first Christian author I read. After I finished A Vow to Cherish, I thought, I’d really love to write like that! Imagine my surprise to find Deb was a member of ACFW. As it turns out, she was one of the first people to show interest in Yesterday’s Tomorrow, and gave me some great insight into the story. Her valuable input, advice and encouragement has meant so much to me over the years. She is a great mentor to many writers.

Thanks for visiting, Cathy! You can find Cathy's novel on  Amazon. And don't forget to check out her website at

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