Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Story Time . . . PUT IT ON THE LIST! by Kristen Darbyshire

Yes, I'm doing it again and talking about a kids book today, because I haven't had time to read anything else this week. ;-) (Well, technically speaking, I've been reading plenty, but none of it is near publication yet, so . . .)

But this book is a hoot, so all of you with kids should be grateful to me for bringing it to your attention, LOL.

Back cover:

What happens one frantic week when everyone forgets to put the things they need on Mom’s shopping list? First, it’s cookies, but no milk. Then macaroni, no cheese. And don’t even ask about the toilet paper!

Newcomer Kristen Darbyshire’s quirky humor, fresh, graphic style, and sweetly expressive family of chickens will make this a favorite with kids . . . and the beleaguered grocery shoppers in their lives.

Here's why I love this book--first, it's just hilarious as these cute little chickens go through their human-esque world, yet make observations like "Mom, chickens don't have teeth." Second, it's so my life sometimes. I'm not a list person (unlike certain friends and sisters of mine), and I don't think I've ever gone to the grocery store without realizing within 24 hours that I forgot something vital. So it was quite the funny book to read to my kids, who know how very true this can be, LOL.

For a fun, quirky read the adults will enjoy as much as the kids, I can't recommend this book enough. Even my husband got a few hoots out of it as he caught part of the story while strolling through the living room during our nightly book time--enough that he paused at the doorway to hear the end. For a man who was on his way to watch a hockey game, that's the highest compliment a kids book can be paid!

We got this book from the library, but my kids love it enough that they asked if we could get a copy of our own. And I love it enough that I intend to. Can't wait to see more from Kristen Darbyshire!


  1. Cute! I love that the characters are chickens! How often do you get something other than bunnies or bears? :) I will definitely check it out, thanks for the suggestion!

    OH, btw, the 3rd "Ice Age" movie has that "Walk the Dinosaur" song!!!! Oh I laughed so hard when I heard it, remembering our days choreographing and dancing to it in Grandma's driveway! :) Hehehehe. Thanks for the memories Cousin! <3

  2. I know!! (the song, that is) My cousin's kids always go around singing it (they're 4), and it gives me a grin every time. Ah, memories. ;-)

  3. Sounds cute! That looks like me some days.... :O)