Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story Time . . . The Real-Life Princess by Rebecca Dunning

Well, I'm reviewing a children's book today. Partially because I need to write a review of it anyway, and partly because I haven't had time to read anything else in the past week or two. Or, when I have time, the energy. Anyhoo.

I received The Real-Life Princess from the author a while back, and my daughter was sooooo excited. At 5, she's enthralled with princesses, and the lovely illustrations drew her in right away. A story-within-a-story, this book starts out with Zoe twirling around in a princess ballerina costume, and her mommy offering to tell her a story about a real-life princess. So they settle on the couch together, and Mommy proceeds to tell about Michaela. Michaela grew up a poor, filthy servant, despised by all . . . but when the king spots her in a crowd one day, he asks her if she would like to be a princess.

Michaela says "Yes." And so begins the transformation, and the realization that she was made to be a princess all along. Just like, Zoe realized, we all can be if we say "Yes" to Jesus.

As an adult, I found the symbolism rather obvious and the logic of the story a bit bare, but I'm not the target audience, LOL. My daughter (thrilled from the start given that she shares a name with the little girl), loves this book. As in, she carries it over to me when I'm at my desk and nudges it over whatever I'm working on with an innocent bat of her eyes and her very sweetest, "Read it, please, Mommy? Read about the princess."

So we do, and it has the honor of being one of her favorites. Can't beat that, can you? And really, its message is one we all need to remember--that we all must make a choice. If we choose to turn our backs on the Lord, then we'll spend our lives in the same state we've been in. But if we choose to say, "Yes," then we'll be princes and princesses of Heaven.

*This book was provided free of charge from the author in exchange for a review.


  1. McKenna has reached the princess stage too. All the Disney princess stuff used to make me crazy, but now we use it as a tool to talk about what we are in God's eyes, what it means to be a good steward, and so on. We don't use the word steward or anything, but you get my point :)